Nodular Acne: A condition that requires the right treatment

Acne is considered to be a skin disorder which is definitely a known fact by almost every individual as about 90% of them must have suffered with some kind of acne at some point of time in their lives. It could sometimes be mild and sometimes severe, the acne could also appear in the forms of blackheads, whiteheads and acne which is milder while as appear as pustules or cysts being the more severe form of acne. The nodular acne is recognized by the blocked glands of oil which are the reason for producing inflamed tissue and skin.

Unlike any simple whiteheads or pimples, the nodules are denser; they are dome like lesions which might also be very irregular on the skin. This particular acne is swollen, red and affects not just the skin that appears around it but also many deep layers. When this is not checked by a certified dermatologist who can give you solutions it could become extremely destructive and leave behind ugly looking scars.
There are times when nodules appear with cysts. When this situation occurs this particular condition is known as nodylocystic acne. This particular nodular acne is not just painful but extremely unsightly.

Treating nodular acne

Those individuals who happen to suffer from this terrible form of acne known as nodular acne must stay away from any self treatment or self medication. It is very important to look for some advice from a dermatologist so that the condition is diagnosed properly and treatment is given accordingly. One of the best ways to treat this terrible acne problem would be to immediate address it in its very early stages itself. This helps a lot with any further scarring or infection. Antibiotics are also prescribed to help with this infection or prevent from any breakouts in the future. Using antibiotics could also reduce the inflammations and reduce the skin swelling.

If at all the patient does not tend to respond to the given treatment or even if the improvement is very slow it is possible for the doctor to prescribe a retinoid which is known as isotretonoin. This is considered to be an oral form of medication which is normally supposed to be taken about twice in a day, this treatment course could last anywhere between fifteen to twenty weeks. This medicine does address the problem by reducing the sebum production as well as reducing the oil that is produced thereby preventing the clogged pores.

Although isotretinoin is considered very effective it may also have a few side effects. It is not suggested that pregnant woman take it since it is known to cause some birth defects. It does have a few contraindications like skin or mouth dryness, itching, muscle pain; nose bleeding etc. this definitely does explain why many doctors tend to monitor the patients quiet closely while prescribing this drug

Hormonal treatments

A very effective form of treating the nodular acne which most of the women tend to adopt is the hormonal therapy which is given as estrogen contraceptive pills. These pills help in reducing the sebum production.

Some other effective treatments for nodular acne

Any doctor will also be able to get rid of the excess sebum or dead cells of the skin with the help of sterile equipments. For any big lesions a cortisone injection could be used. It tends to work directly on the spot that is affected thereby reducing the swelling or any pain associated. While treating the condition of nodular acne you cannot be impatient at any cost. The nodular acne may take some time to get better since the infection is normally found deep in the skin. You need to meet with your doctor on a regular basis and see if there is any improvement with the treatment.

Treating the scars of nodular acne

When the scars are occurred, you could opt between laser therapy and surgery. This does help to reduce the scars or any bumps present. Sometimes there is also a requirement of dermabrasion to be done along with laser treatment in severe cases as the scarring is normally depressed and deep.

Living with this form of acne

If you have suffered from this form of acne and you want to go in for treatment you should ensure to follow the right treatment from a good doctor especially if you have to consume antibiotics. A full course treatment is very important if you want the therapy and medications to work for the best on this problem. You have to also adopt a good diet or make the right kind of changes to your habits or lifestyle.
The main cause of such acne is not known which does make a cure permanently unlikely. This does not mean that those people who suffer from this problem must be limited on the social, mental or physical front.

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