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Acne is considered to be one of the most common disorders of the skin as well as something that is hated the most. Teenagers as well as adults from different walks of life tend to suffer from acne, sometimes it gets so bad that it leaves behind marks and scars. Acne is otherwise called as zits or pimples; they can also form black or white lesions or bumps. Acne is normally caused by pores or hair follicles that get filled with dead skin, dirt or oil. There are many creams which are available in the market claiming to treat different kinds of acne, this is also one of the reason as to why acne treatments have managed to become really big a business where there are also ineffective products that are marketed as perfect remedies.



Acnetix is a product that has been reviewed with regards to how effective it has been and an absolute value for money for all those customers who do not want to go through any more hassles of experimenting their money and time on other products.

Acnetix is referred to as a one step scrub that aims at clearing out all the acne in one week. Acnetix is the product of a company that is known as Revivea Laboratories. However, based on a thorough search of all the business that are operating under this name across the globe the only information regarding the contact was provided as the sales email. Although, a quick search on the internet will also show you many reviews of different customers who have tried and many individuals also mentioning it as nothing more than just a scam. The Acnetix is by itself only a watery solution which is supposed to be applied on the acne twice in a day for it to be effective enough. According to the business website of this product it is mentioned that Acnetix is considered to be an acne treatment rated at the number one position. There were no such independent reviews of the same anywhere. Every 12 ounce of the bottle is considered enough for a period of four months.

Where to buy Acnetix

The company website does have a sales funnel. But at the time of writing this review, we found that you can get a much better deal on Amazon with about 25% off.

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Ingredients of Acnetix

Acnetix is considered to be all natural having no caustic or harmful ingredients present. This is supposed to be the only true claim of the product. However, talking about how natural the product is does not mean that it is effective or safe. Following are the ingredients of the product.

1) Tea tree oil: This is a natural antiseptic considered as a good replacement of benzoyl peroxide. Although tea tree oil is extremely slow in its action it is definitely a good product which should be used as a conjunction of benzoyl peroxide and not any replacement
2) White willow: This contains salicin which the body uses for the conversion of salicylic acid
3) Retinol A: It is an extremely important vitamin used for the health of the skin
4) Vitamin E: This is more important than using Vitamin A for the skin but neither is considered a treatment for acne
5) Walnut shell: It is a good scrub
6) Green tea: It has antioxidants but does not do anything to clear acne
7) Oat flour: Also a good scrub
8 ) Aloe Vera: A good moisturizer
9) Vegetable glycerin: A great product for skin smoothness
10) Jasmine: Smooth aroma
11) Avocado: It has an oil which gets deep into one’s skin but does not do anything for acne
12) Chaparral: It is normally used by Americans to treat cold or arthritis but not acne
13) Alfalfa: It contains some vitamin E
14) Lavender: Astringent and antiseptic
15) Camellia: Very relaxing
16) Bergamot: A natural oil
17) Jojoba: It is very essential but how effective it is for acne is not known
18) Gotu kola: It helps concentration and memory
19) Redmond clay: It helps to thicken the product as well as a good moisturizer

The website does promise that it will simply get sold out in a matter of 36 hours and asks the prospective buyers to buy immediately before it can get any late but this is obviously a gimmick. Acnetix also claims to give the individual a lifetime guarantee on the product but there are many customers who have also complained that the product was not given any refund if it was anything beyond 60 days old.

Acnetix has no valid contact information and any information given regarding the email address has been tested and people have said that they have got no response at all. With so many bad reviews talking about Acnetix along with no contact information it just goes to show that this product is nothing more than an internet scam. Although the product is all natural but it does not have anything in it that will help treating acne. The product smells nice and could moisturize the skin but $40 for a single bottle is just too expensive.

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