Our #6 Pick: PanOxyl Acne Bar Review

There are many forms of acne treatment, and one of the most popular active ingredients in acne fighting systems is Benzoyl Peroxide. The reason that Benzoyl peroxide works so well is because it increases the rate of skin cell production and turnover. This helps clear out pores, and it also helps work impurities that cause acne out of the skin. It is also an antimicrobial, which means that it reduces the amount of bacteria in the skin, one of the major causes of acne.

What it Says it Does

One acne treatment that takes advantage of the acne fighting powers of Benzoyl Peroxide is the PanOxyl Bar. The PanOxyl Bar contains the maximum strength concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide. It is a soap free cleanser, and can fight acne on the face and body. Since many people have acne on their face and back, this is exceptionally helpful, since most acne treatment systems are designed only to work on the face. In addition to fighting acne, the PanOxyl Bar states it helps get rid of excess oil on skin, making it look less shiny and oily.

The Pros?

For most people, the system works, and quickly. Most of the people who used it did mention the initial issues with drying of the skin, but said it went away, and use of an oil free moisturizer helped reduce dryness. Many people stated the PanOxyl Bar was recommended to them by a doctor or dermatologist, and several other users noted that they had tried several other products that did not work for them. The PanOxyl Bar is also extremely effective at clearing up back acne. As this can be a very aggressive form of acne, and is often cystic, the extra strength of the Benzoyl Peroxide manages to do what many other weaker formulas are not able to. Most people who used this swear by it, and say it worked when nothing else would.

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The Cons?

Most of the cons associated with the PanOxyl Bar are related to the way that skin reacts to Benzoyl Peroxide. As mentioned above, Benzoyl Peroxide increases the rate of skin cell turnover; the medication is a peeling agent. And as a peeling agent, it causes dryness and peeling of the skin for the first week or so. The skin acclimates after the first five to ten days, and then peeling is diminished, or goes away completely. From what I can tell, most of the people who did not have results, discontinued use of the product after a few days because of the dryness. This can be lessened by using the product only once a day, until skin gets used to the Benzoyl Peroxide. That said, in some cases, Benzoyl Peroxide can cause a severe negative reaction. So if dryness is painful, or causes skin to be tender, it is recommended that you stop using the product.

So Does it Work?

This product does work for most people. As with all acne products, there is no system that works for all people, all of the time. While some people, due to sensitive or dry skin, are unable to get past the negative reaction to the concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide in the PanOxyl Bar, the bar usually works well. Benzoyl Peroxide is one of the most popular active ingredients in acne treatment systems because it does a lot to clear up acne, and helps prevent breakouts from returning. As long as you are aware of the week of time required for your skin acclimate to the Benzoyl Peroxide in the bar, you should see results within days, and dryness should clear up soon after. This is an especially good product for those with back and body acne.

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