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I have suffered from acne since middle school; it went from mild to severe after I turned 13. But since then, I have used every product that you can think of and they either made my acne worse or gave me horrible dry skin, but still I tried. If you have or currently suffer from acne, then you have probably tried everything. I know I have and my last resort was Zeno. Who wants to live acne for the rest of their lives?

Many acne products out there are not for everyone. Everyone has a different type and certain ingredients may not agree with each skin type. For example, I have combination skin (dry and oily) so I have to choose a product that will balance each out because if I do not, then I may end up with extremely dry skin or very oily skin. In order for me to balance out my skin tone, I have to follow a certain regime every day, if not then my acne would flare up. But because I was so tired of the same endless regime and wasting money on products that did nothing but flare up my acne, I decided to give Zeno a chance and let me tell you, I am so glad that I did. Zeno changed my life and I cannot live without it!

What is Zeno?

Zeno is a type of acne treatment that is used in the treatment of blemishes. Its thermal waves work very effectively on most acne prone skin. It is extremely small and can be taken with you everywhere and does not to be prescribed by a doctor. Zeno is indeed FDA approved and is meant to clear up acne quickly and effectively.

Exposed Skin Care


Hand-held and is operated by a battery
Has tip that heats up to a certain temperature
Tip has to make contact with the skin so that heat can be directed to the follicles in the skin
The temperature can be modulated to suit everyone’s needs

Time frame

Zeno requires 2 to 3 treatments in order to eliminate pimples; however, some people only need one treatment.
Skin can clear up within a matter of hours.


No harsh chemicals
No pills
No creams
Zeno uses heat to destroy pimples from underneath the skin

Who can use Zeno?

Please speak to your dermatologist before purchasing Zeno. It may or may not agree with your skin.
Only for individuals who have mild forms of acne
It will not work for individuals who have whiteheads, blackheads, or cystic acne
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Side effects

Slight redness where heat touches
Zeno can only be used 3 times every 15 minutes. Do not exceed the 15 minute mark.
Other than that, it is FDA approved


Here are the cost of the most popular models available on Amazon:

Like I stated above, everyone’s skin is different and different acne products will affect each person differently. I personally have had a great running with my Zeno which I actually got last year on Christmas. My breakouts are very minimal and usually clear up within a couple of days. Zeno is not very cheap, in fact, a very good Zeno runs for about $120-130; however, it does last a long time and the only thing that needs to be changed is the battery. Many individuals do not seem to realize that Zeno has different temperatures. If a certain heat setting does not work for you, then adjust it to where the setting will work for your skin. I burned my skin the first time I used Zeno because the temperature was too high. I modulated the heat settings to suit my skin.

Zeno is a wonderful little gadget that is used to treat mild acne breakouts; however, it will not treat whiteheads, blackheads, or cystic acne. It is very portabable because of its small size and will eliminate blemishes within 24 hours. It is a bit on the expensive side depending on what you are looking for. So don’t knock it until you try it!

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I know about acne because I have suffered from it since I was a teenager. Acne made people ridicule me and practically ruined my life. I have tried just about every single acne medication out there. From Clean&Clear, to Neutrogina, to Strident, to Skin ID, to Murad, to Proactiv. I also tried eating healthier and washing my face three times a day, which only irritated it more and produced more acne. My dermatologist finally put me on some birth control to try and clear it. It worked and I only get a few break outs here and there. I usually treat it with some baking soda and olive oil. Fighting acne can become a losing battle, especially for those who do not know all the different types of remedies are available. There are a number of different acne medications formulated today for people who have acne. The names will vary by brand, effects, and ingredients. Everyone will know what is right for them when they try the different products. For more severe conditions, contacting a dermatoligist is very highly recommended.

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