Biore Unclogging Scrub Review

Almost every beauty magazine has a section devoted to drugstore bargains. While you can easily find expensive cosmetics that work, finding cheap products that work is a bit more difficult. That said, Biore is one of those drug store products that is inexpensive, but says they still do the job of a more expensive line of cleansers. The Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub is their acne fighting scrub, and according to Biore it will clear up acne, unclog pores, and eliminate blackheads. That’s a lot for a cleanser to do, especially at the same time.

How it Works

Most acne, in one way or another, is caused when pores become clogged, and then bacteria fills in the clogged pore, creating a red lump. If pores are kept clear, this works to prevent acne in many cases. Additionally, even people who do not suffer from acne can have issues with enlarged pores and blackheads. Keeping pores clear, while helping prevent and treat acne, will also keep blackheads from forming. By using beads, the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub gently unclogs pores, and an active ingredient of salicylic acid helps treat acne, and prevent it from developing.

Does it do what it says it does?

The Biore scrub does an amazing job, especially at a drug store price. One of my favorite things about the scrub is the smell. I hate using cleansers that smell like a hospital, so the Biore scrub is great. I have very, incredibly sensitive skin; my skin gets red just by washing my face, so scrubs usually are brutal to my skin. However, because the beads are rounded, and not gritty, my face didn’t feel like I’d been using sandpaper on it, which is normally what scrubs feel like on my skin. Because of the smoother beads, while your pores don’t feel like they are being gutted of crud and bacteria, it is actually working. I’ve found that my pores seem smaller, and clearer after a few days of use.


I really like using products that have an active ingredient of Salicylic acid in them. The reason that many products use it is because salicylic acid allows skin cells to she faster; doing this works to unclog pores, and once pores are cleaned and clear, they are tighter and smaller. This makes it harder for them to get goop in them, and then turn into acne. The other thing that I noticed was that over time the redness in my skin seemed to become less obvious. I also liked the fact that the cleanser was oil free, some pore unclogging cleansers still have oils in them, which seems to defeat the purpose to me. My skin also seemed much softer, even after the first time I used it. Apparently by sloughing off all those extra dead skin cells and random grime picked up through the day, it can really makes a difference in the smoothness of your skin.


I have skin that is incredibly fickle, and during the winter it dries out like crazy. I did find that using this scrub when my skin was drier really exacerbated the dryness. I discovered that I had to use a bit more moisturizer than usual, so I’m not sure if you have very dry skin that this is the best product for you; salicylic acid does have a lot of drying properties. That said, if you have a good oil free moisturizer, you may still be able to keep from drying out too much while using the Biore scrub.

Overall Impression

Overall I would say this is a great product to try. It does a good job of clearing out pores, which is something even people without acne problems can benefit from. Additionally, it smells wonderful, and it is inexpensive, something my wallet really appreciates. For the price, you really can’t beat Biore’s Unclogging Scrub.

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