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Oil of Olay has been a giant in skin care for decades, and most of their focus has been on dealing with keeping skin young, healthy and wrinkle free. It hasn’t been until recently that the Olay line has branched out to include an acne care line. Ance is now recognized to be a problem for many adults, not just teenagers, and there are a slew of adult acne care lines being developed now.

The advantage of ance kits is that they are designed so that each part of the kit compliments the others; this makes sure that you get the right amounts of each acne fighting ingredient. Too much medication can cause skin to become dry and irritated, and too little can cause the treatment to be ineffective. The advantage of an acne care line designed to treat adult acne is that it is less drying than many lines designed to combat teen acne. Since skin tends to be far oilier while people are young, many treatments can be overly drying to adult skin.

The Olay Acne Protocol includes a pore clarifying cleanser, skin clearing treatment and a complexion renewing lotion. These three products should be used twice daily, in the morning and evening. The Olay Acne Protocol
promises to keep skin’s moisture levels in check, minimize pores, even out skin texture, and reduce the appearance and frequency of breakouts.

This system is based on the use of salicylic acid, a proven acne fighter, which is not as harsh as benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid works by increasing the rate of skin cell turnover, and it helps kill acne causing bacteria. It is highly effective, but one of the side effects of salicylic acid is that it dries out skin for the first few weeks of use.

The Olay Acne Protocol is not going to work for everyone. The product was designed specifically for people who do not have very oily skin, and who have problems with other acne lines being overly drying. Because of this, people with oilier skin saw their ance undiminished, and in some cases acne became even worse. Additionally, one of the common side effects of salicylic acid is that it dries out skin during the first few weeks of application; this can temporarily cause even more acne to form as the treatment begins to work. Many people only used the product for a few days before giving up, not being aware that most acne products cause breakouts before improvement becomes apparent.

Of the people who who used the product, those who did not have excessively oily skin had great results. Because of the lower levels of salicylic acid in the cleanser and skin clearing treatment, most people did not have problems with excessive drying. The product did take about four weeks to start showing really positive results, but this is common for most acne fighting systems. The only real downside of the Olay Acne Protocol line is that it is rather expensive, especially compared to other salicylic acid based acne products. If you have adult acne that is not due to excessively oily skin, this skin care line will probably work for you; however, there are many other less expensive products that can be just as effective.

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