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One of the advantages of using an acne kit is that the every piece in the kit is designed to work together. Using a kit ensures that you will get the correct amount of acne fighting ingredients. Too strong of a concentration will cause dryness and irritation, not enough will not be effective. One of the more well-known acne fighting kits is Proactiv. It has been around for years, and many people swear by its acne fighting system.

What Does it Say it Does?

Proactiv promises to clear up breakouts quickly, and prevent them from returning. Using their cleanser, Proactiv states it will gently exfoliate skin, remove dead skins cells, and kill bacteria that cause acne. They say that their oil free toner will remove excess oil that clogs pores, and help skin appear less shiny. Finally, their repairing lotion promises to moisturize skin without clogging pores, while at the same time treating skin deep down to kill bacteria.


Around half of users state that the Proactiv line cleared up their skin within days. Some people do state that they have miraculous results, and say that they had tried a multitude of other products that did nothing, or made their acne worse. Several people said that though Proactive was pricey, it was well worth the cost, because it finally cured their acne.


It is very expensive. Proactiv promises a full money back guarantee, but good luck getting them to give it to you. Having dealt with acne since I was fifteen, and still struggling with it at the age of thirty, I promise you, if something worked, I would find a way to make my budget work to afford it, even if it was pricey. The issue with Proactiv is that it does not live up to its price. Having used it for a little over a month, it did zilch to help clear up my acne. I do have sensitive skin, so the upshot is it did not make my skin worse, which is frequently the case, but it didn’t do anything to make it better either. I know that there is no one acne product that works for everyone, and having sensitive skin I usually end up in the minority, where products that work for most people don’t work for me. However, looking at reviews online, I seem to be in the majority. It’s not so much that the product is bad, just that it is ineffective.

Does it Work?

The honest answer? Probably not. Most acne medications and treatment systems boast their active ingredients and concentrations, but I had to do some digging to find out that their system is based on benzoyl peroxide, and still have no idea what concentration of it they use. Most effective acne treatment systems use a combination of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide; it appears there is no salicylic acid present in the Proactiv line. This in and of itself doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t work, but many people stated no results using the Proactiv line. Most acne care products fail for one of two reasons; they are too harsh for a particular skin type, or people stop using them after a week. However, most people who stated no results used the product for at least a month, if not longer. This probably means that the concentration of benzoyl peroxide is too low to have an effect.

The bottom line with Proactiv is that there are people it works for, but I’d say you have a fifty percent chance at best of seeing results. Added to its steep price, there are far better, less expensive products, that do work.

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