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Actimine is a herbal supplement which aims at correcting the different chemical imbalances of the body which are the causes of acne appearance on the face. According to the website of the company, the product is suitable for all ages as well as helps with clearing acne that is present all through the body. Besides just the face, acne could appear on the chest, back and the neck.

How can Actimine work?

Actimine just has one claim; it is to remove anything that contributes towards causing acne and oil in about twelve weeks of regular usage. One of the logic is connected to the human anatomy, the more amount of oil that a body produces there will be more chances of the bacteria growing in the small pores. This accumulation could lead to causing acne is at all the condition does worsen. Actimine has natural ingredients that are found in flowers and herbs which can clear any kind of imbalances present on the skin. This includes the reduction of blackheads, infections and whiteheads with just about a month of usage.

Some of the amazing benefits

• The main advantage of Actimine is that the medicine promises to get to the underlying problem of the cause such as the imbalance of hormones or the enzymes damaging the skin. Most of the skin processes is due to the acne being present and this amazing herbal formula claims to be able to cure it all.

• One other very attractive benefit is that both the older and younger users can consume this supplement. Since this drug is considered to be herbal it really does not require a prescription from the doctor since it does not particularly directly state anything about being able to cure anything.

• This puts the buyer in a really good position since the individual can simply start with the treatment and can even stop in case any side effects tend to manifest. As stated by the official website of Actimine any immunological process might also affect the skin. At times, such processes tend to affect the skin in a very negative manner.

Some of the side effects of Actimine according to user reviews

1) There was a very scientific statement mentioned by Actimine where it says that 100% of the people belonging between the age of 12 and 17 tend to suffer from acne problems. This statement is nowhere close to being true as according to the FDA or food and drug authority it says that 60% or less could be the right figure. Not every individual suffers from acne and pimples.

2) The second negative aspect about Actimine is that it declares to work like wonders for people belonging to all age groups. This is extremely hard to believe as there exists no drug that can be so good. If this was true then the drug would be very expensive as well.

3) The drug is extremely rare when it comes to talking about what it could do for the skin. The website of the company claims that it can simply clear the skin. However, if this statement deemed to be true then it could vary from one individual to another. In other words, there can be no sufficient proof claiming that this drug can work.


One of the biggest advantages of making use of Actimine is that it managed to get to the main cause of the production of excess oil to be able to stop further acne formation. Actimine is made from nutrients and minerals which are totally safe for consumption on an everyday basis without having to worry too much about its side effects. It can also be consumed by individuals of different age groups. It helps with the reduction of acne on the face as well as chest, back, shoulders and neck. The main drawback in this case is that there are no studies which can endorse all the claims of getting rid of acne. Although it helps improve the health of the skin there are no formal conclusions of how effective this treatment is. There is nothing stated about how many pills one could take in a single day. However, it does come along with a money back guarantee within a period of six months if the buyer is not too satisfied with its results.

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