Green Tea as an Internal and External Acne Fighter

Green tea has been touted as a wonder “drug” for many years, especially by many eastern cultures. It has been purported to help prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, aid in weight loss, just to name a few. As time has gone by, medical tests have begun to show that many of the reported health related claims associated with green tea are actually true. Green tea has also recently become a popular acne treatment.

What is green tea?

Green tea originated in China, and is made only from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant. It is only brewed from leaves that have gone through the most minimal of oxidation during processing. Due to different processing, harvesting and growing conditions, many different flavors and variations of green tea exist.

How does green tea treat acne?

The first reason way that green tea fights acne is by being a natural astringent; astringents cause skin to contract. This means that green tea can help shrink pores and reduce inflammation caused by acne. In addition to visually making skin look better by shrinking pores, it can also help keep dead skin cells and oils from getting into and clogging pores, which is the process that causes pimples.

Green tea is also an antioxidant. This is a huge help in repairing skin, and keeping it balanced. Additionally, as an antioxidant it can also help kill some of the bacteria on the top level of skin. This can help prevent pimples from forming. Green tea can also be absorbed into the skin and help dry out acne and the bacteria that causes it from the inside. This can help prevent acne from forming, and lessen the duration and severity of breakouts.

How do I use green tea to fight acne?

There are several different ways to use green tea to fight acne. The most obvious is internal; drinking green tea every day can help fight inflammation of the skin from the inside out, and antioxidants help restore skin’s balance and heal it faster.

Green tea can also be applied directly to the skin in a few different ways. The first is a green tea toner, which is quite simple to make. Simply brew fresh green tea, using one or two tea bags. You can make the concentration stronger or weaker by using more or less water to brew and steep the tea. Once you have brewed the tea, wait until it cools, then make sure that you squeeze the water out of the tea bags to get the most green tea out of them. You can put this into a water bottle or other container to use for a few days before you need to brew replacement tea. This toner is applied by using a cotton ball to swipe over your face after washing it as normal.

Another way to use green tea to treat acne is as a stronger spot treatment. When you brew the green tea, instead of wringing as much tea out of the tea bags as possible, place them in areas on your face that are most broken out. Leave the tea bag on for about five minutes to allow the tea to soak into the skin.

Does green tea work as an acne treatment?

While there have not been many published studies on the effect of green tea on acne, user consensus is that it is effective. People have found that green tea is effective, and reduces the appearance and frequency of acne. Additionally, there are no real side effects to the use of green tea. Most other acne treatments, cause drying, redness, and itching; green tea does none of these things. Since green tea is cheap, has effectively no side effects, and has a high rate of success, chances are that this will be an effective acne treatment for almost everyone.

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