Acne Conglobata: Prevention is better than cure!

cne Conglobata is considered to a very rare and severe condition of acne that may appear. Besides the regular manifestations or symptoms of the regular common acne like whitehead and blackheads this kind of diseases is more like a lesion that is pus filled which does eventually is the cause of a deep scar. This kind of acne is considered to be a very serious disease of the skin and must be looked into by a skin specialize. Acne conglobata also requires the right kind of treatment so that it may be prevented from getting any worse. Besides the discomfort that is caused by this form of acne, the disease could also be very painful especially when there is a rupture of the lesions.

Common areas affected

The chest, buttocks, back and face are considered to be the common areas that normally get affected by acne conglobata. Since this condition is considered to be inflammatory this could also lead to the keloid scarring of the skin and hence disfigurement in many extreme cases. It starts off from under the skin which is why the scars look like interconnected burrows. This kind of acne vulgaris normally affects young men who belong to the age group of 18 and 30. These symptoms may also be visible even if the sufferer has reached 40 years of age.

Cause of Acne conglobatta

The cause of this severe form of acne is unknown. Although, there are many experts that say the disease is normally because of other acne manifestations such as blisters, pimples and cysts. Just like how a volcano may suddenly erupt, this particular disease could also originate due to acne which has not shown symptoms at all. This condition of acne being really serious is associated with testosterone levels increases, anabolic steroid abuse or a condition which is the cause of the body producing more androgens.


Although this acne condition is considered to be severe it is not known to be fatal or anything that may threaten the life. Although, such condition could definitely kill something which is the self esteem of an individual suffering from acne conglobatta. Considering the long run the physical rigors which are caused due to this disease are far more bearable when compared to the mental and emotional torture that one has to go through because of this skin ailment. Individuals who suffer from such acne are normally the ones who get shunned by people normally making them feel like they are lepers in their own homes or communities. There are many treatments which aim at stopping this particular problem. There are also many antibiotics which have caused positive effects as well although the administration of the patient and medications should be done by a professional dermatologist. Erythromycin and tetracycline are common antibiotics which are used for the treatment of this disease although dapsone is a stronger alternative if the problem becomes severe. Isotretinoin is also considered an excellent option for treatment. It is a retinoid; it has effective results when it is tried for this particular disease of the skin. This medication could turn out to be rather bitter to swallow as well as have some really permanent side effects like bone diseases or hair loss. Other treatment options include radiation or carob dioxide laser.

Although you are going to try out a range or treatments it is important to carry out with the regular care in order to get some best results. You have to keep the skin clean and get rid of any oil based lotions or products. You should not use scents or perfumes for the skin. If you happen to be a part of any activity which could make you perspire you have to wash your skin with some cool water. When you do not do so you will not remove the toxins and dirt from the skin.

Acne is a condition which is hard to deal and normally teenagers are the ones who get affected by this problem. As and how one continues to age it could become a huge problem with relationships, life choices, careers and jobs. You should not wait until there is any further damage to the skin. You have to act right away and get the right treatment. If the acne is extreme you should consider getting doctor advice to get through a good treatment plan. You should know that prevention is the best medicine for this disease. You have to keep the symptoms at check as it is treatable and take action at the right time.

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