Surgery to Remove Acne Scars

Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists have come up with different products and methods that are instrumental in getting rid of any unwanted scars and acne that is present on the face. It is true that there are several options that one can choose from. If one is not too comfortable with a laser treatment there are many home made remedies which could definitely help? However, the prices of all the treatments do vary and you might want to choose something that will fit into your budget and your requirements.


This procedure includes taking off the skin’s top layer. This helps in making the skin a lot smoother thereby making the scar barely noticeable. This method is considered best for just the surface scarring. It also helps with reducing deep scars.
What surgeons use for acne cure

1) Collagen: Collagen could be injected into the area that is scarred directly. This is a procedure which works best for all those people who suffer from superficial scars. Like the dermabrasion procedure, this helps in reducing deep scars. This kind of treatment should be repeated once in a few months.

2) Body fat: Another method of feeling with the scars left behind by acne is by having to transfer the body fat straight into the skin which is damaged by acne. It is an effective method as it makes use of body tissues which are natural. The surgeon will just have to remove body fat from the body which is then injected into the scars. This method helps with the skin leveling as well as elevates any deep scars. This kind of procedure lasts longer compared to making use of collagen since it is not required to repeat the entire procedure.

3) Laser treatments: Laser treatments are very effective for acne scar removal. It is a procedure which helps in changing the scar tissue that is formed due to acne. This also reduces any redness of the skin. This solution is best for those individuals who do not want to get hassled by going through several treatments.

Laser Surgery: A Blessing

On that note, laser surgery for acne is not considered to be a fantasy any longer. For all those millions of people who hate their face due to acne scarring want to consider these options that helps in improving their confidence, self esteem and most importantly the skin. There are three different kinds of surgeries that fall under laser for acne scar removal namely Fraxel, Non-Ablative and Ablative.

The ablative surgery makes use of carbon dioxide laser which helps in removing the pimples layer by layer. When the skin is resurfaced it leaves behind a blemish free and smooth skin. The non ablative surgery normally works inside out by destroying the blemishes as well as killing the bacteria which causes acne problem. This is a treatment that is less destructive and gentle. Fraxel treatment makes use of destroying particular skin areas which leaves behind a healthy skin. This method is considered a lot less invasive than the other two. This surgery also helps in reducing the total healing process.

You should know that the laser surgery to cure acne cannot be taken too lightly. It is very much like any surgical procedure and not just a quick fix. Before one can consider this option it is advisable to talk to your doctor. Just like any treatment or procedure it is not compulsory for all individuals to react the same. Laser surgery is most likely to be suggested only in very extremely cases or when the standard form of treatments has failed.

Before going through the surgery you need to consider your options. Since it is a very serious procedure it should be only carried out by a professional. Although this is more of a cosmetic procedure, you cannot be dependent on a cosmetologist to do it for you. The costs must also be considered with this option especially as the insurance companies do not really consider this is a required medical expense. You might have to pay out of your pocket as most likely it is not going to be covered by any insurance company.

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