Dermabrasian to Remove Acne Scars

Dermabrasion is referred to as a very simple procedure. With the help of this procedure it is possible to treat pigmentation, wrinkles and scars. In this procedure, a rotating brush at high speed or an abrasive wheel is used by the concerned doctor to get rid of the skin using that wheel. This process is very helpful to remove any scars.

Dermabrasion is nothing but a mechanical procedure. It is possible to understand how it works if you have ever happened to use a sand paper. When the scarred old skin has been removed the new skin will tend to develop in a few days and this new skin will contain no scars. The entire process of healing will depend on the area that is treated or the depth of the scars. This procedure might also swell the skin but as and how the new skin is formed this problem will tend to go away.

What you need to know from your doctor

Before you can let any doctor go through with this procedure for you, it is best to discuss details of your medical history. This could include finding anything about the skin problems that you could have. If you happen to suffer from rosacea, acne or herpes simples it is important to be patient until the problem could resolve. If you have the tendency of keloid formation then it is possible to go for dermabrasion. For those individuals who have a medical history of herpes simplex or cold sores then it is important to consider an anti viral healing.
This procedure must be conducted at the hospital only. For any small areas it is right to make use of the local anesthetics but for any large areas it is preferred to go in for a general anesthesia. The total time of this procedure is going to depend on the entire area. The doctor will aim at removing the skin to ensure the abrasion is going to get to the depths of the scar. The doctor will then dress the wound and give any instructions for the post operative care. It is possible to feel a stinging sensation, red skin or swelling for many days. You should talk to your doctor about any side effects bothering you. It is very necessary to keep away from the skin during the whole period.

Dermabrasion is very effective when it comes to getting rid of any of the following scars

1) Acne scars
2) Post surgical scars
3) Tattoo scars
4) Chicken pox scars
5) Precancerous growth
6) Skin lesions
7) Correcting pigmentation issues
8) Facial wrinkles
9) Sun damage

One of the biggest advantages of dermabrasion is that it is not too painful and while correcting the scars, one would have to go through just a single dermabrasion procedure. Besides being an excellent procedure that helps get rid of the dead cells it is also helpful when it comes to the promotion of collagen which further results in better skin that is also smooth. At times, the dermatologist may suggest dermabrasion is done along with any other procedure like chemical peel or facelift for excellent results.

Dermabrasion is considered good to get rid of aging skin as well thereby improving the skin texture in just a single treatment.

Candidates for the treatment

1) Individuals who have wrinkled and dull skin
2) Light colored skin
3) Acne scars
4) Inactive blemish
5) Post surgical scar that is healed completely
6) Facial lines
7) Skin discoloration and freckles

Avoid dermabrasion

1) Those who have very thin skin
2) Individuals with a history of herpes
3) Uncontrolled diabetes
4) Active acne
5) Active rosacea
6) Any disorder with skin pigmentation

Since this procedure is considered to sand off the top layer of the skin it could have some side effects as well. There are patients who might also go through risks like scarring, bleeding or any pigmentation issues.

Common side effects

• Skin swelling
• Skin infection
• Darkening of skin
• Acne breakouts
• Irritation
• Skin redness
• Skin scarring

However, if you are going to religiously follow the instructions given to you by the dermatologist regarding post treatment care then you will not have to go through any uncommon side effects or at least keep it controlled. This is still considered to be the best option when it comes to correcting any imperfections of the skin as well as achieve complexion that is younger looking with just a single treatment.

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