Oct 11

Skin ID Review

Bad acne has been considered a nuisance for several people out there and this problem can simply lead to a problem of self esteem falling low. There are many medications available based across the counter and prescribed ones that claim to get rid of such scars. There are also many products available that it becomes hard to actually decide which one would actually work. Skin ID by Neutrogena claims that it is a solution involving one step for any kind of acne and acne cure.

Advantages of Skin ID

1) It is personalized for any type of acne
2) There is a 100% regarding success rate
3) It comes with a gurantee of money back
4) It works very fast

Disadvantages of Skin ID

1) Should be careful about not having to apply a lot
2) You cannot buy this from any store

All about Skin ID?

This program is by Neutrogena that helps fight acne. It is more of a program that also involved any interactions with dermatologists and online questions. Instead of being a single product that could treat acne, every program has been personalized in such a way to treat individual acne. Every program of Skin ID begins with questionnaires which is very important to understand the kind of acne regimen which would be right. This questionnaire has questions about the kind of acne and skin, the routine used for skin care and many other lifestyle factors. After this is done you will get for yourself an ID figure which will help determine the three products that will be right to treat your acne. Every regimen is aimed at being unique for every individual and yet a few aspects of this program will still remain just the same. Every individual will get three unique products which are aimed at cleaning, treating, moisturizing or fighting acne entirely depending on the kinds of answers you submit. The products given will last for as much as thirty days and the refills will also be sent as and how you begin running out.

Benefits achieved from Skin ID

The reason why Skin ID stands out from any other kind of treatment is because it claims to help with treating acne much better as it is personalized based on the issues of an individual. This is considered to be extremely effective mainly since this is a program that helps in reducing the acne problems by having to deal with people on an individual basis and given them a customized program instead of a very general approach that most products aim at doing. One other big benefit is the brand name; Neutrogena has been in the market for as long as one can think of and is also a leading brand name in the skin care industry. Such products referred to by the Skin ID program are effective as they are made under strict supervision of real dermatologists. This is also one of the reason as to why they are superior compared to other products.
The online component available for these products are mainly aimed at offering individuals with some peace of mind, besides it is easy and quick for one to use. Every answer that is available under this system is simply unique and easy to understand they are not stereotype or cut and paste type either. Although asking questions may not help you solve your acne problem but will definitely help with taking a good stand regarding how you can take care of your own skin.

Issues or Concerns

As already mentioned, this program is developed by professionals and there could be no issue with this program. Refills cannot be purchased from any store and the auto refill program is the one that will help in sending out refills once in thirty days. The system is extremely effective but if at all you lose one of the products you cannot immediately buy but wait to get it replaced. Make sure you do not apply too much of the product not because it could have any negative affect but only because you might have to run out of the product quickly than expected.

Skin ID is considered extremely effective; this prevention program helps every individual who makes use of it. Every product is personalized for the skin or acne of an individual.

Oct 11

ClearPores Review

ClearPores is a popular system aimed at controlling acne; it is also an acne system which focuses on preventing as well as treating acne. This medically proven formula has three products that are put to work together to be able to treat acne right from its root cause instead of having to simply get rid of it temporarily. Since this program works inside out, it is why ClearPores has managed to get so much popularity. It is also not possible to simply ignore the main factor that is considered to be the number one product present in the market.

This system has an herbal supplement which treats the skin on an internal basis; it has a deep face wash as well as a treatment cream. A great news is that although this product ClearPores is a combination of three effective and powerful products it is still a very affordable solution for acne that you can ever find offline and online. Since ClearPores does claim that it can easily clear up any acne in a matter of few weeks it is necessary to find out what users have to say about this product and how much of popularity it has gained. Will this particular acne system really work as much as it claims that it does or is it just like any other product aimed at false promises?

All about ClearPores

As already mentioned above, unlike different acne remedies available ClearPores is considered a lot more than just a single product. It is described by many reviewers as a total solution for clogged pores, oily skin and stubborn acne. The treatment includes three steps as follows

1) A cleansing wash which helps unclog any pores as well as fights against the bacteria responsible for acne forming
2) It is a total herbal supplement that helps in boosting the fighting potential of the body against acne
3) The protection cream is actually the main secret behind why or how the skin can remain radiant and beautiful

How effective is ClearPores?

It is quite impressive when you consider the formulation of every ClearPores product besides also including the fact that this system can go beyond many acne treatments. It has been possible to also determine that the ingredients present are fully natural as well as of great quality. Although this has been proved it is important to know what different users have mentioned about this product or how it works.

There have been many fully satisfied customers who have mentioned that they have managed to see a great reduction with regards to how their acne has disappeared in a matter of a few weeks while there are others who have mentioned that it has left behind a clean and soothing feeling to their skin. A common benefit that has been uncovered is that it has natural ingredients and hence it has no side effects or neither does it cause any kind of damage for the skin. Most of the treatments available today are filled with chemicals and could lead to unnecessary and unwanted reactions, further on it could also damage sensitive skin.

Advantages of ClearPores

• It is endorsed by medical practitioners, doctors as well as customers alike
• It has proven to work by several users who are satisfied and pleased
• The multiple system is effective since it suits the needs of individuals
• It has a money back guarantee which is definitely a big plus
• There are bonuses easily available

Disadvantages of ClearPores

• It is not available at any retail stores


ClearPores is very highly recommended by many websites as well as users who have tried the product. It is mainly because of the ingredients which are of high quality, the customer reviews and formulations which make it a complete system as well as possible reason why it is highly recommended to all the people having different skin types. On that note, there is also one important point that every individual should know which is to make a decision based on reviews and suggestions. Although this is said to you, it is only you who knows what is best for your skin type and what is not. Although you can find some unbiased and honest reviews online you should know that there can be no miracle medicine and everything needs to be understood well before trying it out. Keeping in mind the money back guarantee and high quality ingredients including customer reviews that are all positive you are not going to lose too much trying out this acne treatment program.

Oct 11

Clearasil Review

I have suffered from acne since middle school; it went from mild to severe after I turned 13. But since then, I have used every product that you can think of and they either made my acne worse or gave me horrible dry skin, but still I tried. If you have or currently suffer from acne, then you have probably tried everything. I am that person who has tried everything both prescribed and over the counter. I have tried everything from Nature’s Cure, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Proactiv, Skin ID, Murad, Olay, and finally Clearasil. Out of all the acne system that I have used, Clearasil was the most disappointing. The only good thing about it was the fact that you can find it in most stores (i.e. Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, etc…) There are so many different Clearasil products that it is hard to determine which one is the best to use, for example, the system includes masks, cleansers, toners, spot treatments, and lotions. These different assortments of products can become very costly very quickly. When I used Clearasil, I paid about $12 for the cleanser, $12 for the toner, $8.99 for the masks, and $10.99 for the spot treatment, which did not work, except to remove oil and make my skin dry.

Having combination skin is a nightmare for the individuals who have it. Some days you may wake up with very oily skin and a few breakouts and other days you may wake up with very dry peeling skin with some flare ups. With combination skin you will never know what to expect; however, you must always be prepared for whatever you skin throws at you. You must have an acne system that will work for you, whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or both combined. Not all acne systems work, or they may for some but not others. Clearasil is a perfect example of an acne product that does not work well and is quite expensive because everything is sold separately. Clearasil did nothing but give me dry skin and do nothing for my breakouts; however, it worked on my oily skin. I used Clearasil longer than other acne system because it was easier to find. No ordering necessary.

What is Clearasil?

Clearasil is unfortunately one of the best-selling skin care system and acne medication. Clearasil includes Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid; Sulfur, Resorcinol, and Triclosan are the main ingredients.


To clear up acne flare-ups and in some cases acne scars
Dries very quickly


Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid, Sulfur, Resorcinol, and Triclosan


Not so much
Uses harsh chemicals (Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic acid, Sulfur, Resorcinol, and Triclosan)
No pills needed at least
A sunscreen is needed when going outside in the sunshine

Time frame

Depends on the individual and also on the severity of their acne
Or in as a little as two weeks, depending on which product is chosen (fast acting or slow acting)

Who can use Max Clarity?

It depends on the individual. So, please speak to your dermatologist before purchasing Clearasil. It may or may not agree with your skin.

Side effects

Severely dry skin if going out in the sun without sunscreen
Using with other products will cause dry skin
Might not work for every skin type


$12-70 depending on what the individual needs
Can be bought in stores

Like I stated above, everyone’s skin is different and different acne products will affect each person differently. I personally have had a bad experience with Clearasil which I continuously kept buying because I was desperate and hated going out in public with my flare-ups. The chemicals in this system were a bit too much for my skin type and dried my skin out.

Sep 30

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Apple cider vinegar toner is considered to be the best since you can also make this preparation at home which also works excellently well to get rid of bad skin. the lactic and malic acid that is found in the apple cider vinegar helps in the exfoliation of the skin thereby reducing any red marks or even having to treat acne. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent toner as it is considered to be a secret that is present right in your kitchen. The apple cider vinegar includes antiseptic and antibacterial properties present and many people tend to have a huge success with this toner since it helps in balancing the skin out. Your skin should be pH balanced for it to work very well. the apple cider vinegar consists of pH of level three and when it is diluted the acidity that is present in the toner helps in bringing the pH of the skin back to the normal levels. When the skins balance is restored the apple cider vinegar helps in the skins optimal functioning warding off any dead skin or bacteria at a good rate so that the pores get unblocked leaving the skin healthy enough.


Although the apple cider vinegar toner does help with the pimples, reducing the oil as well as improving the skin on an overall basis there are many drawbacks. Firstly, this toner does not have any pleasant smell, it might remind you of the dirty socks lying around or maybe even fermenting inside your gym bag for a couple of weeks. When the toner is made stronger, the stronger that it may smell. Unfortunately, even your bathroom might begin to smell bad. However, great news is that you are probably going to get used to the smell quiet soon. As and how you make use of it you will not begin to notice the smell any longer. The smell also tends to reduce once it dries up on the skin and hence you will not have to worry too long about having to smell like dirty socks around any other people. You should know that apple cider vinegar might tend to burn if it is used in any strong concentrations. It may also begin to sting you if it is applied on any open wounds such as a healing pimple or picked acne. Once you have applied the apple cider vinegar could start the make the skin go red or look flushed. Many a times, people who tend to go through this irritating from the toner might actually be using a lot of apple cider vinegar but make sure you are not going to dilute it too much.

Those individuals who have sensitive skin might not be able to make use of the apple cider vinegar at all. If you happen to use this toner you should ensure that you are going to wear sunscreen each time you go out or make sure you are going to stay away from the sun. However, this may sound a bit counter-intuitive as some people do say that apple cider vinegar helps for sunburns as it is instrumental in speeding the process of healing. You need to also ensure that you are not going to get any of the apple cider vinegar toner into the eyes as it may really burn a lot.

Besides having to apply the apple cider vinegar toner on the skin there are many people who say that it really does a lot of good things when you take it internally.

How is it applied?

You can easily get apple cider vinegar at the vinegar aisle at any grocery store. Before you can apply this to the skin you need to make sure you dilute the vinegar in a ration of 2 is to 1 which means two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar to a one cup or water portion. You need to dip a cotton ball into this mixture and have it applied on the face. To make use of the apple cider vinegar in the form of a steam toner you need to add it to steaming hot water. You have to hold on a damp towel right above the head, lean the face over your steam. This process of deep cleaning helps the pores as well as tones the facial muscles.


The results achieved from apple cider vinegar would just mean cleaner pores, healthy looking skin and a great defense against any bacteria or dead skin cells thereby turning your skin healthier and glowing. The benefits of this toner are definitely excellent although individuals having sensitive skin should think twice before opting for this toner. However, if individuals with sensitive skin want to still try it is better to go in for organic or raw variety as it may be a little gentler for the skin.

Sep 20

Olay Review

Oil of Olay has been a giant in skin care for decades, and most of their focus has been on dealing with keeping skin young, healthy and wrinkle free. It hasn’t been until recently that the Olay line has branched out to include an acne care line. Ance is now recognized to be a problem for many adults, not just teenagers, and there are a slew of adult acne care lines being developed now.

The advantage of ance kits is that they are designed so that each part of the kit compliments the others; this makes sure that you get the right amounts of each acne fighting ingredient. Too much medication can cause skin to become dry and irritated, and too little can cause the treatment to be ineffective. The advantage of an acne care line designed to treat adult acne is that it is less drying than many lines designed to combat teen acne. Since skin tends to be far oilier while people are young, many treatments can be overly drying to adult skin.

The Olay Acne Protocol includes a pore clarifying cleanser, skin clearing treatment and a complexion renewing lotion. These three products should be used twice daily, in the morning and evening. The Olay Acne Protocol
promises to keep skin’s moisture levels in check, minimize pores, even out skin texture, and reduce the appearance and frequency of breakouts.

This system is based on the use of salicylic acid, a proven acne fighter, which is not as harsh as benzoyl peroxide. Salicylic acid works by increasing the rate of skin cell turnover, and it helps kill acne causing bacteria. It is highly effective, but one of the side effects of salicylic acid is that it dries out skin for the first few weeks of use.

The Olay Acne Protocol is not going to work for everyone. The product was designed specifically for people who do not have very oily skin, and who have problems with other acne lines being overly drying. Because of this, people with oilier skin saw their ance undiminished, and in some cases acne became even worse. Additionally, one of the common side effects of salicylic acid is that it dries out skin during the first few weeks of application; this can temporarily cause even more acne to form as the treatment begins to work. Many people only used the product for a few days before giving up, not being aware that most acne products cause breakouts before improvement becomes apparent.

Of the people who who used the product, those who did not have excessively oily skin had great results. Because of the lower levels of salicylic acid in the cleanser and skin clearing treatment, most people did not have problems with excessive drying. The product did take about four weeks to start showing really positive results, but this is common for most acne fighting systems. The only real downside of the Olay Acne Protocol line is that it is rather expensive, especially compared to other salicylic acid based acne products. If you have adult acne that is not due to excessively oily skin, this skin care line will probably work for you; however, there are many other less expensive products that can be just as effective.