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Pronexin Review

Pronexin is a cleanser that can be used to eliminate facial and body acne. This formulation is composed of all-natural ingredients and does not contain any harsh chemicals. The ingredients in this acne wash are designed to deeply penetrate the pores and deliver acne-fighting ingredients to eliminate the bacteria that cause acne.

By deeply cleansing the skin and unclogging pores, Pronexin can reduce sebum production and promote the exfoliation of dead skin cells, which can aid in the reduction of breakouts and lead to consistently clear skin. This article reviews the Pronexin acne wash, examines the ingredients to determine if they will be effective against acne and lists the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Pronexin Active Ingredients

• Vitamin C

Since vitamin C helps to reverse skin damage and aid in skin repair and wound healing, it is a very beneficial ingredient for treating and managing acne. Vitamin C will lessen the appearance of any acne scars and can promote the healing of acne blemishes. This anti-oxidant can also boost the skin’s production of collagen, which is helpful in maintaining a vibrant and healthy looking complexion.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant that can promote the removal of toxins that are deep within the skin. The removal of toxins and debris is an essential component of any acne treatment, since toxins can clog pores and lead to the development of acne. Vitamin A also encourages cell turnover, as dead skin cells are removed and fresh and healthy skin cells are brought to the surface.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has the same acne-fighting properties that benzoyl peroxide provides; only it will not cause excessive dryness or irritation. This ingredient is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic agent, which will eliminate the bacteria that cause acne and reduce skin inflammation. Since the presence of acne-causing bacteria on the skin is a leading cause of acne, tea tree oil can help to reduce the frequency of breakouts and unclog pores.


Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) is an organic sulfur compound of a nutrient that occurs naturally in the body. It promotes the detoxification process, which will help to clear pores of any debris or bacteria that can clog pores and cause the development of acne. MSM also contains amino acids that can restore a healthy look to the skin and prevent acne breakouts before they start to develop.

• White Willow

White willow is an all-natural acne treatment that treats acne in a similar manner to salicylic acid. This ingredient acts as an anti-inflammatory, as it reduces redness and stimulates the growth of new skin cells. White willow also promotes skin healing and can speed the skin’s recovery from existing acne blemishes. Through mild exfoliation, white willow removes impurities from pores and keeps them free of debris. White willow can also control and manage acne by minimizing the production of sebum.

Green Tea Extract

This highly potent antioxidant is very effective when treating acne while also being gentle on skin. Green tea protects cells from free radical damage, which can reduce acne breakouts and keep skin clear. It also has antibacterial properties and can kill Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, before it clogs pores and causes breakouts. Green tea extract can also reduce skin redness that occurs as a result of inflammation.

• Aloe Vera

Since aloe vera stimulates the production of collagen and promotes the growth of healthy skin cells, it is a beneficial ingredient that can help to reduce the appearance of post-acne marks. It also encourages wound healing, which will aid in treating and eliminating acne breakouts on the skin.


One of the main advantages of Pronexin is the fact that it is composed entirely of all-natural ingredients. This helps to lessen the typical side effects that occur with most topical acne treatments, such as skin dryness, peeling, redness and irritation. It may also be an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin, since it does not contain any ingredients that are harsh on the skin.

It is composed of many ingredients that treat the main causes of acne and can help to reduce the production of sebum, eliminate acne-causing bacteria and exfoliate dead skin cells. This acne wash is also very cost effective and can be used to treat acne on both the face and body.


One of the main disadvantages of this cleanser is the claim that it is guaranteed to eliminate and clear up acne breakouts in as little as 72 hours. While an individual may see a difference in their breakouts within this period of time, it is highly unlikely that moderate-to-severe acne breakouts will be completely gone within this short period of time. A claim such as this may give some individuals a sense of false hope that their acne will vanish within a span of three days.

Nov 09

Klear Action Acne Treatment Review

Anyone who suffers from acne can attest to the chore it can be to find a treatment plan that works for your skin and not only clears acne but prevents future breakouts as well. There are so many various treatments on the market and some definitely work better than others to clear and prevent acne. There is a wide rage of prices as well. The first step in choosing the acne treatment that will work best for you and be with in your budget, is to read up on what other customers have to say about a product. After reviewing customers who have already purchased the product, you can get a better idea of if this product is going to be right for your needs and budget.

Below is an over all product review for the Klear Action acne treatment system. This is a collaboration of various online customer reviews, and my own personal experience with this product.

Effectiveness of the Product

Overall, almost every customer said this system really does work. Personally, I found the same result. The cleanser has tiny sand-like particles in it for a gentle exfoliating, while cleansing. I found the cleanser to be gentle, even with the exfoliate in it. The toner worked great to further clean and tone your pores, leaving them almost invisible or much smaller. Again, with the toner, I found it was gentle and not offensive smelling at all. The first few times I used the toner, it had a cool and very slightly tingly feeling on my skin. This feeling went away after the first several uses. The moisturizer made my skin instantly feel smooth and was very light. Other buyers agree with my experience with this product, this system is an over all success.

The Pros

In reviewing this product, and using it myself, there were far more pros than there were cons. The main pro is this product works. Some people stated that they did not see results for a few weeks. However, in my experience, I saw results after just a few days. The results increased as time went on using the product. Another huge pro is the price point. There are many other popular kits that treat acne that are on the market. These kits all have the same basic ingredients, the same size bottles but a very different price point. The Klear Action Acne treatment kit is under $20.00, and a lot of people found it for $10.00 or less at some stores. The closest competitor is at least double that price. The kits work equally as well.

The Cons

There were very few complaints with this kit. The main complaint people had was that the bottles were a bit small. The good thing is, a little of this product goes a long way. So, although the bottles were small, the kit is between a 1 to 2 month supply. Also, a few people said it irritated or dried out their skin right at first. On the directions, it says to use this product one time a day for the first week and then work up to the morning and evening. I think people who had irritation right at first may have started out using it twice per day. A couple people complained of the smell of the product but I did not find the smell offensive at all.

The Bottom Line

In the end, most every customer was at least somewhat satisfied with this product and the majority of customers were thrilled! Many customers were beyond excited that this product works well and doesn’t cost a fortune. Personally, I have been using this product for about a year and couldn’t be happier with the results and the price point. Also, this product is available at most any drug store so you don’t have to order it in and there is no prescription, which makes it a very convenient option.

Nov 09

Could Accutane Fix Your Acne?

If you have severe acne, that has not responded to over the counter or prescription treatments, there is still one option that may clear up your acne. Accutane (also know and sold as Roaccutane or Isotretinoin) is a prescription strength acne medication that is prescribed when almost all other acne medications have failed.

What is Accutane? And how does it work?

Accutane is a vitamin A derivative that is taken in pill form. Oddly, while doctors do know what Accutane does, it is not sure how it does it, at least not on the cellular level. However, Accutante directly combats the way acne forms in the skin, clearing infections, and preventing future breakouts. It does this by reducing the size of the oil glands in the skin by up to 50%, and restricts the production of oil in these glands by around 80%. Because the bacteria that causes acne lives in oil produced by the skin, reduction of the oil produced greatly reduces the amount of acne causing bacteria in and on skin cells. Accutane also prevents clogging of pores by slowing the rate of skin cell production, thusly helping them keep from becoming clogged. Finally, Accutane has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce swelling and appearance of acne.

As with most acne treatments, many people see an initial worsening of acne as the product starts to work. As skin changes, due to the medication, impurities in the skin are pushed out, and cause new breakouts to occur. Once this has completed, results are usually impressive. Acne is reduced partially or completely in 95% of Accutane users, a success rate unheard of in any other acne product. Acne recurrence after a course of Accutane is only about 33%, and can be treated successfully with another course of Accutane.

What are the side effects?

Hearing the incredible rate of success that Accutane offers, you may be wondering why doctors aren’t just prescribing Accutane to anyone that suffers from acne. The reason that Accutane is usually one of the last treatment methods is because the side effects from Accutane can be incredibly severe.

To begin with, Accutane causes a very high instance of birth defects. Accutane is not prescribed until a female patient can prove that they are on two birth control methods. People that take Accutane are told to not donate blood until they have stopped taking the medication for at least thirty days, because if they do, and a pregnant woman is the recipient of transfusion, this can lead to birth defects.

But the side effects from Accutane are not limited to birth defects. Accutane can cause depression like symptoms in patients taking it, and even cause people to consider taking their lives. Additionally, Accutane can cause convulsions, rectal bleeding, and weakness in bones that can lead to fractures. Less severe Accutane side effects include sensitivity to sunlight, poor night vision, problems hearing, loss of appetite, jaundice, flu like symptoms, and extreme drying of skin.

Is Accutane right for me?

If you have severe, apparently untreatable acne, Accutane will almost surely clear it up. The main question that anyone considering Accutane as their acne treatment method is if the benefits of taking Accutane would outweigh the risks of taking the medication. As you can see, the list of less severe side effects caused by Accutane would usually end up on the severe side effect list of almost any other drug. Because doctors understand what Accutane does, but not why, the side effects are numerous and can be difficult to combat effectively. So if you are thinking that Accutane may be right for you, be sure to have conversations with your doctor, and understand the risks before asking for a prescription.

Nov 09

Could a Birth Control Pill be Your Answer to Acne?

Most people are aware of what causes acne; pores are clogged, usually by an excess of oil, the oil traps bacteria in the pore, and that causes redness and swelling. However, the causes that trigger acne are not the same for every person. This is why a product may work wonders on one person’s acne, and has no impact on another person’s acne.

One of the major causes of acne in adults, especially women, is a hormonal imbalance. Because hormones are not balanced, this causes an excess of oil to be produced, which leads to breakouts. In addition to balancing hormones, birth control pills are known for limiting androgens, which also lead to increased oil production. Because birth control pills can help balance hormones, and reduce androgens, they are now being commonly prescribed to help combat acne in adult women. Many times when they are being prescribed for women needing acne treatment, rather than to prevent pregnancy, they can be prescribed in lower doses, which reduces the risk and severity of side effects.

Two of the most popular birth control acne medications are Yazmin and Ortho Tri-Cyclin. Both types of birth control are taken daily in the form of a pill, for twenty-one days a month, and then for seven days, a placebo is taken. It is recommended that this be taken at the same time every day for the medication to be most effective.

What are side effects?

The downside of taking birth control pills to treat acne is that there is a risk of side effects, and birth control methods tend to have a lot of them. While they are usually prescribed in lower dosages in cases when they are being used to treat acne, rather than prevent a woman from getting pregnant, side effects can still be an issue. Birth control generally tricks the body into believing it is already pregnant, which means the body stops trying to get pregnant. However, this can create a lot of changes in the way the body behaves, once it believes it is carrying a child.

Common side effects of most acne treating birth control methods include: stomach sensitivity and nausea, fluid retention and swelling of feet and ankles, weight gain, and spotting or irregular periods.

More serious, but rare, side effects are: blood clot related medical issues (stroke, heart attack, or a pulmonary embolism), coughing up blood, fainting, vision changes, and severe headaches. If any of these symptoms occur, you should get medical attention immediately.

Depending on the medication you are prescribed, and the dosage, you may also experience diminished (or non-existent) sex drive, increased appetite, mood swings, and mild depression. (These, as mentioned above, are related to the way your body changes to accommodate the fact that it believes you are pregnant.)

Does it work?

In most cases, birth control as an acne treatment is successful. The level of success tends to change from person to person, but most people saw a lessening of their acne. The issue that many people have, that keep them from continuing to use a birth control prescription as an acne medication, is that side effects often are worse than the issue they are treating.

I personally saw a reduction of my acne after taking Ortho Tri-Cyclin, but I also saw a twenty pound water weight gain, and started having wild mood swings. The Ortho Tri-Cyclin did work for my acne as it said it would, but I was miserable with my weight, and no one wanted to be around me because I was so grouchy.

Many people who had the best results from a birth control prescription as an acne treatment said they stuck with the birth control for several months, and then their body started to regulate, and many side effects went away. I will be honest, I couldn’t stand the side effects, but if you stick with it, this can be a very effective acne treatment.

As with any prescription medication, talk to your doctor about whether it’s right for you. Take things like family medical history in mind, and make sure you are prepared to deal with some side effects that may last for several months.

Nov 09

Microdermabrasian to Remove Acne Scars

Making use of home microdermabrasion creams is considered to be an extremely popular method and has amazing effects when it comes to removing the scars in an effective manner. The removal of acne scars is done at the home with the right microdermabrasion creams which is a lengthy process but extremely effective. This microdermabrasion cream which is used for resurfacing the acne scars that is present is more of a natural product that is made by nature mostly and partially by the help of humans making use of a regenerating serum that repairs the skin. This particular acne treatment namely microdermabrasion shows some dramatic effects in just a few months as it considerably improves the complexion of skin making use of the cream that could be made at home by just making use of this cream on a very regular basis. The skin smoothness and the skin glow could be seen easily in just a matter of two months instead of all those scar spots.

These acne scars do not disappear once and for all and yet with the help of microdermabrasion the skin could look extremely striking as well. With the help of this technique that is designed for acne scars it could take as much as one year for the scars to completely disappear. The time that is taken for such an improvement and for the effects of the treatment to show will only depend on the kind of scars, location of the acne scars as well as the depth of them. This particular microdermabrasion treatment works in the surface of the skin as well as the dermis layer of the skin. Not only is the treatment helpful when it comes to getting rid of the scars but also extremely effective for the acne that is currently active. The microdermabrasion cream helps gain all the lot nutrients of the skin thereby resulting in the renewal of the skin. The result of this will only be fresh and new skin whereby it will almost become tough to recognize any scars because of the skin smoothness. The micro crystals which are present in the cream helps removing any hard, rough, old and damaged skin right from its epidermis. This cream helps towards regeneration of fresh cells to manage giving the skin a new and refreshed look.

In the last few decades, the process of microdermabrasion has become a cosmetic treatment to get rid of wrinkles, scars, lines or any dark spots. The main advantage of this treatment is that it could be done in your own home, at a beauty salon or any day spa as well. However, there are a few problems that should be considered. If time or money is a very big issue then you could definitely make use of the home based creams. This particular treatment helps in providing excellent results and a much milder option.

The kits that are used at home normally have a small device that is mainly used for the sanding action purpose. This particular machine also has other detachable accessories which are very instrumental in different abrasion levels.

Following are some of the disadvantages and advantages of making use of the microdermabrasion cream and system.

The benefits are the following

1) The biggest advantage of the microdermabrasion system used at home is the cost and time. It is possible to carry out this system at any place and any time that is preferable. The price of such kind of products are definitely a lot lesser than the other regular ones.
2) It is very much possible to easily regulate how consistent this particular treatment is. You may also want to opt for a cream which is made of softer crystals if at all it is required for sensitive skin. While dealing with delicate or dry skin you need to pick out a cream which has bicarbonate sodium crystals.
3) It is very much possible to perform the system of microdermabrasion without any machine. You could simply apply the cream and massage it.

The disadvantages are the following

1) Although the microdermabrasion remedies are simply hassle free, they are extremely mild and will be able to provide you with the right kind of results. For individuals who do not have too many scars you will have to opt for a treatment for a much longer period to be able to see any notable results.
2) There are a few individuals who might have to see any adverse reaction in case there is a usage of harsh creams. If this is more like your case then you need to try out many products before you can determine what will be the best for your problem or your skin type.

Nov 07

Proactiv Solution Review

One of the advantages of using an acne kit is that the every piece in the kit is designed to work together. Using a kit ensures that you will get the correct amount of acne fighting ingredients. Too strong of a concentration will cause dryness and irritation, not enough will not be effective. One of the more well-known acne fighting kits is Proactiv. It has been around for years, and many people swear by its acne fighting system.

What Does it Say it Does?

Proactiv promises to clear up breakouts quickly, and prevent them from returning. Using their cleanser, Proactiv states it will gently exfoliate skin, remove dead skins cells, and kill bacteria that cause acne. They say that their oil free toner will remove excess oil that clogs pores, and help skin appear less shiny. Finally, their repairing lotion promises to moisturize skin without clogging pores, while at the same time treating skin deep down to kill bacteria.


Around half of users state that the Proactiv line cleared up their skin within days. Some people do state that they have miraculous results, and say that they had tried a multitude of other products that did nothing, or made their acne worse. Several people said that though Proactive was pricey, it was well worth the cost, because it finally cured their acne.


It is very expensive. Proactiv promises a full money back guarantee, but good luck getting them to give it to you. Having dealt with acne since I was fifteen, and still struggling with it at the age of thirty, I promise you, if something worked, I would find a way to make my budget work to afford it, even if it was pricey. The issue with Proactiv is that it does not live up to its price. Having used it for a little over a month, it did zilch to help clear up my acne. I do have sensitive skin, so the upshot is it did not make my skin worse, which is frequently the case, but it didn’t do anything to make it better either. I know that there is no one acne product that works for everyone, and having sensitive skin I usually end up in the minority, where products that work for most people don’t work for me. However, looking at reviews online, I seem to be in the majority. It’s not so much that the product is bad, just that it is ineffective.

Does it Work?

The honest answer? Probably not. Most acne medications and treatment systems boast their active ingredients and concentrations, but I had to do some digging to find out that their system is based on benzoyl peroxide, and still have no idea what concentration of it they use. Most effective acne treatment systems use a combination of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide; it appears there is no salicylic acid present in the Proactiv line. This in and of itself doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t work, but many people stated no results using the Proactiv line. Most acne care products fail for one of two reasons; they are too harsh for a particular skin type, or people stop using them after a week. However, most people who stated no results used the product for at least a month, if not longer. This probably means that the concentration of benzoyl peroxide is too low to have an effect.

The bottom line with Proactiv is that there are people it works for, but I’d say you have a fifty percent chance at best of seeing results. Added to its steep price, there are far better, less expensive products, that do work.

Nov 07

Actimine Review

Actimine is a herbal supplement which aims at correcting the different chemical imbalances of the body which are the causes of acne appearance on the face. According to the website of the company, the product is suitable for all ages as well as helps with clearing acne that is present all through the body. Besides just the face, acne could appear on the chest, back and the neck.

How can Actimine work?

Actimine just has one claim; it is to remove anything that contributes towards causing acne and oil in about twelve weeks of regular usage. One of the logic is connected to the human anatomy, the more amount of oil that a body produces there will be more chances of the bacteria growing in the small pores. This accumulation could lead to causing acne is at all the condition does worsen. Actimine has natural ingredients that are found in flowers and herbs which can clear any kind of imbalances present on the skin. This includes the reduction of blackheads, infections and whiteheads with just about a month of usage.

Some of the amazing benefits

• The main advantage of Actimine is that the medicine promises to get to the underlying problem of the cause such as the imbalance of hormones or the enzymes damaging the skin. Most of the skin processes is due to the acne being present and this amazing herbal formula claims to be able to cure it all.

• One other very attractive benefit is that both the older and younger users can consume this supplement. Since this drug is considered to be herbal it really does not require a prescription from the doctor since it does not particularly directly state anything about being able to cure anything.

• This puts the buyer in a really good position since the individual can simply start with the treatment and can even stop in case any side effects tend to manifest. As stated by the official website of Actimine any immunological process might also affect the skin. At times, such processes tend to affect the skin in a very negative manner.

Some of the side effects of Actimine according to user reviews

1) There was a very scientific statement mentioned by Actimine where it says that 100% of the people belonging between the age of 12 and 17 tend to suffer from acne problems. This statement is nowhere close to being true as according to the FDA or food and drug authority it says that 60% or less could be the right figure. Not every individual suffers from acne and pimples.

2) The second negative aspect about Actimine is that it declares to work like wonders for people belonging to all age groups. This is extremely hard to believe as there exists no drug that can be so good. If this was true then the drug would be very expensive as well.

3) The drug is extremely rare when it comes to talking about what it could do for the skin. The website of the company claims that it can simply clear the skin. However, if this statement deemed to be true then it could vary from one individual to another. In other words, there can be no sufficient proof claiming that this drug can work.


One of the biggest advantages of making use of Actimine is that it managed to get to the main cause of the production of excess oil to be able to stop further acne formation. Actimine is made from nutrients and minerals which are totally safe for consumption on an everyday basis without having to worry too much about its side effects. It can also be consumed by individuals of different age groups. It helps with the reduction of acne on the face as well as chest, back, shoulders and neck. The main drawback in this case is that there are no studies which can endorse all the claims of getting rid of acne. Although it helps improve the health of the skin there are no formal conclusions of how effective this treatment is. There is nothing stated about how many pills one could take in a single day. However, it does come along with a money back guarantee within a period of six months if the buyer is not too satisfied with its results.