Nov 11

Cucumbers: Do they really work?

With so many acne products on the market, it is very hard to choose the one that will work for your skin type. Many acne products do not work and some cause acne to flare-up even more. Not only is it hard to keep trying the many different acne products out there, they are also extremely expensive. I have suffered from acne since middle school; it went from mild to severe after I turned 13. But since then, I have used every product that you can think of and they either made my acne worse or gave me horrible dry skin, but still I tried. If you have or currently suffer from acne, then you have probably tried everything. I am that person who has tried everything both prescribed and over the counter. I have tried everything from Nature’s Cure, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Proactiv, Skin ID, Murad, Olay, and finally Clearasil. There comes a time when people actually reach their breaking point and try other natural ingredients for their skin, and depending on how often they are used, they actually work. They most certainly worked for me. Cucumbers and Zeno actually saved my life! Not only are cucumbers healthy and can be used for other things, but they are very inexpensive only about .79 cents.

Cucumbers are a natural way to cool the skin down. I even drink cucumber water to start the cleansing from the inside out. Cucumbers can even be put on the eyes to help with swelling and dark circles, so imagine what it will do to your pimples. Cucumbers hold very healthy substances in them that help skin heal and become healthy; these include water, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and amino acids. The vitamins are extremely potent antioxidants and will reduce the effects of free radicals on the skin. The Vitamin E in the cucumber helps with skin restoration (clearing up any acne scars). Cucumbers are also known to have a tightening effect on the skin. It removes impurities and dead skin cells from the skin’s pores and makes them appear smaller.

Cucumbers are good to eat; however, they also hold some healing properties, especially when it comes to acne. I use cucumbers for my skin every chance I get and it always leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean.


To help heal acne from deep within the pores
Promotes clear skin
Clears skin of scars
Cleanses, tones, and hydrate the skin


Very natural
No harsh chemicals whatsoever
No pills needed

Time frame

You’ll be surprised at how quickly it works
1 week for me (when used every day)
When using a slice of cucumber, rub whole face with the slice and leave on for about 20 minutes. I usually do this at night before going to bed, but I allow the water from the cucumber to dry on my skin and then I put a moisturizer on over it. But if the skin becomes too tight, then rinse off with warm water. You can also make cucumber water and have a glass before bed, to help cleanse from the inside out.


Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Amino Acids

Who can use cucumbers?

Anyone with problem skin can use cucumbers. They can be made into masks or moisturizers.

Side effects

I did not experience any side effects from using cucumbers for my acne. There was only as small issue, which was tightness in my face.


About .79 cents
Can be bought from health food stores or other supermarkets

Like I stated above, everyone’s skin is different and different acne products will affect each person differently. I personally have had a wonderful experience with using cucumbers for my acne. They work wonders on my skin and use them every day along with my Zeno. Not only are cucumbers healthy to eat, but they are great for the skin. They work on all skin types. I know this because I have friends with different skin types from my own and cucumbers work for them. Give cucumbers a try, you have nothing to lose but your acne.

Nov 11

Could Differin Make the Difference With Your Acne?

If you have severe acne, that does not respond to over the counter medications, no matter how strong, you doctor may choose to try a prescription medication to treat your acne. One of the prescription medications they might choose is Differin. Differin (also known as Adapalene) is a gel medication that is a form of Vitamin A, and is also a retinoid. Retinoids are known for changing the rate of skin cell growth and replacement. By increasing the rate of skin cell turnover, retinoids can help cure and prevent acne.

Differin is a gel formula that is applied daily, after cleaning your face, at night. It should only be applied as prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist. Applying too much, or too often, will irritate skin and make acne worse, not improve it faster.

What does Differin do?

Differin, as mentioned, is focused on improving skin cell replacement. By speeding up the replacement of skin cells, dead skin cells are sloughed off, keeping pores from becoming clogged. Not only does Differin speed up skin cell replacement, it also has exfoliating properties, which work bacteria and impurities out of the skin. This helps prevent bacteria and impurities from staying in pores, and therefore keeps pores from clogging. Differin also has anti-inflammatory properties, that help reduce swelling of current acne. By changing the way that skin replaces itself, Differin will help prevent future breakouts from happening, and lead to clear skin.

What are the side effects?

One of the largest side effects of Differin is causing break outs to become worse, at least at first. This is actually a sign that the acne treatment is working. Because Differin causes skin cells to replace themselves faster, and has exfoliating properties, dead skin cells rise to the surface faster than before. This can cause flaky, dry skin. Impurities are being forced out of pores and are also rising to the surface. This all works to create more acne, but only temporarily. Skin has to do a major turnaround to rid itself of the acne causing bacteria that has already built up. Once the bacteria and dead skin cells on the surface have been cleared out, skin will begin to improve, usually with dramatic results.

Other side effects are extreme drying of the skin, again this is usually temporary, and associated with getting rid of older skin cells. Using an oil free moisturizer can help relieve some of the dryness that occurs with using Differin. Another side effect of using Differin is that newer skin cells are more sensitive to sunlight, so many people find that they need to use sunblock when they did not before, even just to go outside for a few minutes. Additionally, people may notice that their skin becomes red, peels, or appears to be sunburned. These are normal side effects, but if swelling or pain occurs speak to your doctor immediately.

Will Differin work for me?

Differin is a very potent acne medication, and because of this, many people with dry or sensitive skin may have problems using it. I personally cannot use these types of topical medications because within two or three days it’s painful to even touch my face lightly. However, many people do have good results with Differin. The main issue that people have using the product is how long it takes to show results. Waiting two or three months after you start using a product to have skin clear up seems to be a rather long time. There are many other topical retinoid based medications that can be prescribed, and most have a faster turn around time. So, Differin will probably work for you, but the issue is if you can deal with dry, peeling, broken out skin for a month waiting for it to do so.

Nov 11

Can Azelex Get Rid of Your Acne?

If you have been struggling with acne, you’ve probably tried all kinds of different over the counter medications. If you still have not had success with these medications, sometimes a doctor or dermatologist will prescribe acne medication that is stronger than what you can buy at the store. One of these medications is Azelex. It is a gel that is applied twice a day, in the morning and evening, to skin that has been washed.

How does it work?

Azelex works a bit differently than most topical prescription acne medications. Most acne medications, even the over counter kind, focus on speeding up skin cell regeneration and replacement. However, Azelex works mainly through killing bacteria in the oil on your face that causes acne. Because it does not impact the way that the skin regenerates, it is somewhat less harsh than its counterparts, and side effects tend to not be as severe, or frequent.

Another way that Azelex is different from other prescription acne medications is that it reduces the amount of keratin present. Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that is found in skin; however, if there is an excess of keratin present, skin cells are not sloughed off as they should be, and pores become clogged. By working to keep pores clear of bacteria that cause acne, and keeping pores clear of dead skin, Azelex can help prevent breakouts from occurring.

What are the side effects?

As mentioned, the side effects for Azelex are less severe and frequent than other prescription treatments, but there are still side effects, because you are changing the way that your skin behaves. The first, as with most acne treatments, is that you may start breaking out, or see your acne become worse when you first begin using Azelex. This is normal, as the skin is adjusting to the medication, a breakout is part of the treatment process. Part of the reason for this is because as you are working bacteria and dead tissue from your pores, they have to go somewhere, and that is the top layer of your skin. So while a breakout may make it appear that skin is not getting better, it is actually an indication that the medication is working.

Aside from the initial breakout that may occur when you first begin using Azelex, you may also experience redness and drying of your skin, in addition to peeling or itching. As with many acne medications, Azelex forces new skin cells to be created, which are sensitive. Additionally, all the dead skin being removed from your face is now going to have to peel off, as it would if you had a sunburn. By using a high SPF sunscreen, and an oil free moisturizer, you can limit the irritation of most side effects caused by taking Azelex. Another rather uncommon side effect that people experience when taking the drug is hypopigmentation, or the lightening of the color of skin. This is most obvious on dark complected individuals, so be aware of this issue before you consider Azelex.

Most of these side effects are annoying, but they usually are not severe. If you have extreme pain, or an allergic reaction, stop using the medication and consult your doctor.

Will it work for me?

Azelex is very effective, and many people see better results from it than other topical prescription acne medications. It is not as harsh as many other prescription medications, and people are better able to stick with it; one of the main reasons acne products do not work is because people give up using them before results can begin to show. People that used Azelex usually saw results within two to four weeks, and skin then cleared up dramatically.

Nov 10

Acnetix Review

Acne is considered to be one of the most common disorders of the skin as well as something that is hated the most. Teenagers as well as adults from different walks of life tend to suffer from acne, sometimes it gets so bad that it leaves behind marks and scars. Acne is otherwise called as zits or pimples; they can also form black or white lesions or bumps. Acne is normally caused by pores or hair follicles that get filled with dead skin, dirt or oil. There are many creams which are available in the market claiming to treat different kinds of acne, this is also one of the reason as to why acne treatments have managed to become really big a business where there are also ineffective products that are marketed as perfect remedies.



Acnetix is a product that has been reviewed with regards to how effective it has been and an absolute value for money for all those customers who do not want to go through any more hassles of experimenting their money and time on other products.

Acnetix is referred to as a one step scrub that aims at clearing out all the acne in one week. Acnetix is the product of a company that is known as Revivea Laboratories. However, based on a thorough search of all the business that are operating under this name across the globe the only information regarding the contact was provided as the sales email. Although, a quick search on the internet will also show you many reviews of different customers who have tried and many individuals also mentioning it as nothing more than just a scam. The Acnetix is by itself only a watery solution which is supposed to be applied on the acne twice in a day for it to be effective enough. According to the business website of this product it is mentioned that Acnetix is considered to be an acne treatment rated at the number one position. There were no such independent reviews of the same anywhere. Every 12 ounce of the bottle is considered enough for a period of four months.

Where to buy Acnetix

The company website does have a sales funnel. But at the time of writing this review, we found that you can get a much better deal on Amazon with about 25% off.

You can check out the recent best deals and more customer reviews here.

Ingredients of Acnetix

Acnetix is considered to be all natural having no caustic or harmful ingredients present. This is supposed to be the only true claim of the product. However, talking about how natural the product is does not mean that it is effective or safe. Following are the ingredients of the product.

1) Tea tree oil: This is a natural antiseptic considered as a good replacement of benzoyl peroxide. Although tea tree oil is extremely slow in its action it is definitely a good product which should be used as a conjunction of benzoyl peroxide and not any replacement
2) White willow: This contains salicin which the body uses for the conversion of salicylic acid
3) Retinol A: It is an extremely important vitamin used for the health of the skin
4) Vitamin E: This is more important than using Vitamin A for the skin but neither is considered a treatment for acne
5) Walnut shell: It is a good scrub
6) Green tea: It has antioxidants but does not do anything to clear acne
7) Oat flour: Also a good scrub
8 ) Aloe Vera: A good moisturizer
9) Vegetable glycerin: A great product for skin smoothness
10) Jasmine: Smooth aroma
11) Avocado: It has an oil which gets deep into one’s skin but does not do anything for acne
12) Chaparral: It is normally used by Americans to treat cold or arthritis but not acne
13) Alfalfa: It contains some vitamin E
14) Lavender: Astringent and antiseptic
15) Camellia: Very relaxing
16) Bergamot: A natural oil
17) Jojoba: It is very essential but how effective it is for acne is not known
18) Gotu kola: It helps concentration and memory
19) Redmond clay: It helps to thicken the product as well as a good moisturizer

The website does promise that it will simply get sold out in a matter of 36 hours and asks the prospective buyers to buy immediately before it can get any late but this is obviously a gimmick. Acnetix also claims to give the individual a lifetime guarantee on the product but there are many customers who have also complained that the product was not given any refund if it was anything beyond 60 days old.

Acnetix has no valid contact information and any information given regarding the email address has been tested and people have said that they have got no response at all. With so many bad reviews talking about Acnetix along with no contact information it just goes to show that this product is nothing more than an internet scam. Although the product is all natural but it does not have anything in it that will help treating acne. The product smells nice and could moisturize the skin but $40 for a single bottle is just too expensive.

Nov 10

MaxClarity Review

I have suffered from acne since middle school; it went from mild to severe after I turned 13. But since then, I have used every product that you can think of and they either made my acne worse or gave me horrible dry skin, but still I tried. If you have or currently suffer from acne, then you have probably tried everything. I am that person who has tried everything both prescribed and over the counter. I have tried everything from Nature’s Cure, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Proactiv, Skin ID, Murad, Olay, and finally Max Clarity. I have to say that I was not particularly impressed with Max Clarity. The ingredients in it made my flare ups even worse. Max Clarity was not the acne medicine for me and I would not recommend it to individuals who have combination skin, like me.

Having combination skin is a nightmare for the individuals who have it. Some days you may wake up with very oily skin and a few breakouts and other days you may wake up with very dry peeling skin with some flare ups. With combination skin you will never know what to expect; however, you must always be prepared for whatever you skin throws at you. You must have an acne system that will work for you, whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or both combined. Not all acne systems are appropriate for every skin type, so it is very important to try them out and choose the right one for your skin. I have tried everything out there and settled on one system that is great for my skin (Zeno). Using Max Clarity was my second to last resort and it did nothing to help with my breakouts, instead they got even worse. I used the Max Clarity system for about 2 weeks with no results except for the dry skin to the point where it was peeling off and very red and even bleeding in some spots. It felt as if I had gotten sunburned, and I am African American and do not burn in the sun. With that said, here is some information regarding Max Clarity.

What is Max Clarity?

Max Clarity is an acne system that uses an ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid to fight bacteria that causes acne. Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid are the two main ingredients in the system.


For the use of clearing up pimples caused by acne
Dries quickly


Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid
Three piece system: Deep Cleanser 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide (for face, back, and chest), Advanced Acne Treatment 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, and Rejuvenating Toner 0.5% Salicylic Acid.


Uses somewhat harsh chemicals, not natural
Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid
No need for pills
Do not go outside without a sunscreen after use

Time Frame

Depends on the individual and also on the severity of their acne
Or in as a little as two weeks

Who can use Max Clarity?

Please speak to your dermatologist before purchasing Max Clarity. It may or may not agree with your skin.
Only for individuals who have mild to severe forms of acne

Side effects

Severely dry skin if going out in the sun without sunscreen
Using with other products will cause dry skin
Might not work for every skin type


$19.95 for the complete set
Max Clarity cannot be purchased in stores, it has to be ordered

Like I stated above, everyone’s skin is different and different acne products will affect each person differently. I personally have had a horrible experience with Max Clarity which I tried only once and it made my flare-ups even worse. The chemicals in this system were a bit too much for my skin type.

Nov 10

Acneticin Review

Acneticin is considered to be an extremely amazing pill which is possibly the best treatment available for all those acne sufferers who have managed to try every little thing and are more than happy to get rid of these scars in a matter of 72 hours straight. Acneticin lets all its customers know that it is not a pill that cannot simply work by scratching the surface in order to get rid of this problem but instead in eradicates the blackheads, acne, zits, pustules, blotchiness and redness by having to go to the underlying root of this problem.
Acneticin also claims that the acne normally starts out from the skin surface and also that acne is just a symptom and not a problem itself. Normally, when the body is not in its right balance it lets us know through these symptoms.

To sum it up, these are a few factors of Acneticin:

1) Acneticin is considered to be the last product required for skin care by an individual which helps in reducing blemishes or redness in a matter of 72 hours
2) The main mechanism related to the cure is the balancing of hormones
3) The ingredients present in Acneticin do not have any benefit to the skin while there are some that do affect a lot.

Since Acneticin promises that it will treat the acne from its root because it only means that it is extremely influential with supplementing the body, balancing out the hormones and slipping out the toxins. According to different reviews there is nothing too bad about this product. Any amount of side effects or any problems with a particular formula is compensated by another good part. Although some of the components present do tend to provide a long term benefit the others do give the skin immediate benefits. You will begin to notice how quickly the acne tends to disappear as well as bring about a lot or improvement to the skin.

It is a very unique treatment that is taken orally and treats almost every sign that leads to acne. There are many acne treatments that tend to address the acne problem only from the outside point such as many cleansers and creams but this treats the problem from inside out. Although the body does tend to vary from another, so do the cases of acne which is why Acneticin is effective as it addresses the main problem. Most of the counter medications and treatments are mainly creams, cleansers or masks and many people do not even find these options to be effective or desirable. Acneticin is one such treatment for all those people who have tried all that is there and have found no luck at all. Most of the people have managed to find a good combination of internal treatment with topical treatment to be effective.

Acneticin is a counter medication which is more of an herbal supplementation that is consumed orally. If you have come to realize that topical treatments are no good and have not provided you with any result instead only leaving your skin more irritated or if you do not have enough time in your hand to try out all those creams Acneticin is your best buy. This medication does have a really good success rate with only 1% of the total customers who have turned out returning their did and all those who have returned it do also get a refund. With several treatments available today you could be confused to understand if this is actually the best treatment for you or not.

Although this question might be really hard to answer as every individual is different, Acneticin has definitely worked for a majority of the people who have tried it to get rid of this horrible symptom. One of the only problems with many topical treatment is that those individuals with dark skin or sensitive skin might go through a lot of irritation and even at that time, the best option is obviously Acneticin. You do not have to any longer dread applying different creams, instead just pop a pill that barely takes seconds.

If you think nothing has ever worked for you in the best then this acne treatment is probably what you are looking for. It does three remarkable activities which is to:

1) Strengthen the skin
2) Balance: the natural ingredient that is found helps balance the hormones and hence reducing any acne signs
3) Detox: Normally the body tends to get worn out due to toxins that most of the time resides in our skin. The skin tends to get damaged because of these toxins a lot faster. The ingredients being natural help in flushing any toxins and letting the skin make a lot of progress.

Nov 10

Acnepril Review

Unlike other treatments that control acne through topical applications, Acnepril is a supplement that is taken daily. It is composed of all-natural ingredients that are believed to fight acne by delivering acne-fighting elements deep within the layers of skin, where acne is thought to develop.

This approach is different when compared to most topical applications, which mostly treat acne on the surface level. The following article will illustrate how Acnepril works, examine the main ingredients found in the product and discuss potential advantages and disadvantages of Acnepril.

How Acnepril Works

• Hormone regulation

An overproduction of oil, or sebum, is one of the primary ways that acne develops. Since hormonal changes may cause enlargement of the sebaceous glands, Acnepril attempts to reduce the amount of oil the skin produces by regulating hormones.

• Removal of impurities and toxins

Since bacteria and other impurities can become trapped in pores and cause the development of acne breakouts, the ingredients in Acnepril promote the removal of these toxins before they can clog pores. This is beneficial, as clear skin is dependent on maintaining clear pores that are free of debris.

• Prevent breakouts by strengthening skin

Through a mixture of vitamins, botanicals and minerals that are known for providing benefits to the skin, Acnepril can repair damaged skin and make it look healthier and vibrant.

Active Ingredients in Acnepril

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has skin detoxifying properties and can help to remove harmful toxins and impurities that can cause acne. This process can help to clear pores and eliminate acne-causing bacteria. This ingredient also protects cells from free radical damage, which can keep skin looking clear and healthy.

• Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a potent antibacterial and astringent, which is a necessary component of any product that treats and controls acne. This all-natural ingredient can eliminate the bacteria that cause acne and prevent inflammation, so skin is free of redness. As an astringent, witch hazel can also deeply cleanse the skin without over drying and causing irritation, and can also reduce the size of pores.

• Vitamin B5

This vitamin can help to control the amount of oil the skin produces, which can help prevent the occurrence of acne. By breaking down sebum, vitamin B5 ensures that pores do not become clogged. This ingredient can also help with wound healing, which will help the skin heal existing acne and reduce the risk of developing post-acne marks.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A stimulates cell turnover, which is highly beneficial for acne sufferers, since the abnormal shedding of dead skin cells can cause acne to develop. It also keeps pores free of debris by detoxifying impurities that may be deep beneath the skin.

• Licorice Root

Licorice root is an anti-inflammatory and can reduce skin redness and provide relief to irritated and inflamed skin. This all-natural ingredient can also inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria without causing the skin to become excessively dry.

• Dandelion

Dandelion can purge impurities from the skin, resulting in pores that are clean and less likely to become clogged. It can also regulate the hormonal balance within the body and reduce the amount of sebum produced by the skin.


One of the main advantages of Acnepril is that it treats the main causes of acne by controlling sebum, eliminating bacteria and encouraging the growth of new skin cells. Since it is a supplement, it will reach the deepest layers of skin and will treat and prevent acne before it begins to develop. Acnepril can also treat acne that occurs anywhere, including on the face, chest and back.

Acnepril is also 100 percent natural and is not composed of any synthetic ingredients that can potentially irritate the skin and make acne worse. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who has sensitive skin, or individuals who have tried salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide and have not had much success. Many of the ingredients in Acnepril are also effective at minimizing the appearance of acne scarring. In this way, Acnepril is beneficial when compared to other acne products that are only concerned with treating acne and do not reduce post-acne marks.


Depending on how many capsules a person takes each day, Acnepril does not appear to be cost-effective. If a person takes an average of eight capsules a day, they will only have a supply that lasts for 15 days. The Acnepril website contains overwhelmingly positive reviews, which may lead an individual to think that this product will work for everyone. The website also makes the claim that Acnepril will eliminate acne forever, which is a bit misleading. Acne is a condition that does not have a cure, although it can be effectively managed with the proper treatment.