Organic Treatments

Anyone who suffers from acne, knows both the emotional and physical pain acne can cause. There are literally hundreds of various creams and lotions to try to cover acne. Unfortunately, until the root problem is addressed, the acne can be covered but will never be controlled. Finding the root cause of acne and addressing it, is the first step in getting rid of acne all together. Many creams and lotions, both prescription and over the counter, used to treat acne contain nasty chemicals and even steroids which can have severe side effects. Using organic or natural products to treat acne will eliminate the harsh side effects of chemicals on your skin, while working to make your skin healthy as well as free from acne.

There are several organic acne solutions that work to address current acne and help prevent further acne breakouts in the future as well.

Vitamins and Minerals

Getting rid of acne for good begins on the inside. It is true that anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body but the inside should be well insulated with proper nutrients to begin with. Unfortunately, we can not depend on the food we eat to provide us with our daily vitamins and minerals, we need to supplement our healthy food with capsule or liquid form vitamins and minerals. Begin with a daily multivitamin, followed by a B-complex, or B5 and B12, Zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E. This combination will help prevent further acne breakouts as well as work to get rid of current acne. Note: Vitamin E can be absorbed just as well through a cream or lotion if preferred.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. Tea tree oil has been used for almost 100 years as a healing agent. Because of anti-bacterial properties, tea tree oil is highly effective in reducing acne breakouts, as well as, clearing existing acne. Tea tree oil is both inexpensive and easy to find; most any local drug store or health food store carries tea tree oil. However, a word of caution when using tea tree oil: never use the oil in it’s full strength. Using the tea tree oil without first diluting it with a travel oil can cause serious skin irritation, rash and even slight burns. For treating acne, use 1 part tea tree oil to 90 travel oil. Olive or Cocconut oil are both excellent travel oils. So, for example, you would add approximately 10 drops of tee tree oil to 1/4-cup travel oil and apply to a clean, dry face. Cover your face with a damp cloth, if desired. Let the oil sit for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.


Cucumbers are not just for consuming, they can be an excellent way to get rid of acne when applied to your face. Cucumbers contain a high concentration of alpha-hydroxy acids. These acids are known to naturally hydrate the skin, causing it to become more soft and reducing blemishes, while stimulating new cell growth beneath the first layer of the skin. Using a cucumber mask twice a week will help to prevent future acne breakouts and leave your skin soft and blemish free.

To make a cucumber mask:

Wash, peel and cut 1 to 2 cucumbers
Chop or blend cucumbers into a paste
Blend a small amount of olive oil into the paste, if desired
Apply the mask to your face and cover your face with a warm, damp cloth

After the mask has set on your face for 15 to 20 minutes, remove the mask with a warm, damp cloth and rise your face with warm water. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

In conclusion, you can see there are several non-traditional and organic solutions for acne. The good new is, if you suffer with acne, you don’t have to continue to suffer. These treatments are easily available, economical and best of all, they do work. With a bit of work and some persistence, you can have soft, touchable and acne free skin.