Oct 16

Whiteheads: Get rid of this annoying problem

Whiteheads is considered to be a classification under acne. These whiteheads are normally yellowish and white to look at. Whiteheads also tend to be a reason due to the natural oils of the body that accumulate and hence get hardened. Such whiteheads are normally the cause of the skin getting uneven as well. When you try to pop these whiteheads it is not going to do you any good. They will either ways tend to hard you all the more. Breaking such whiteheads is simply going to aggravate the situation. Whiteheads normally occur on oily skin. However, there are several ways that one can consider to get rid of this problem. Whitehead removal is easy and having to keep these away is also as easy. Some of the natural remedies mentioned underneath will help in keeping the skin and body healthy.

Some of the simple steps to solve the whiteheads problem are the following

1) You should wash your face using some warm water about two times in a day
2) Each time you really thing that your skin is going to get oily you just have to splash enough water, this would mean about three times.
3) You will have to ensure to keep your face hydrated at all times and even get rid of any blackheads. By drinking ample amount of juice and water you can easily solve the blackhead or whiteheads problem. when you drink some water along with some honey every morning you can flush out any unwanted toxins that are present in the body
4) Consume a lot of vegetables and fruits so that you body as well as skin as well as body as healthy as possible
5) Make sure you avoid any skin products that are oil based
6) You should also ensure you do not wear a lot of makeup since a lot of makeup could lead to the formation of white heads
7) You have to make use of water to be able to warm your face through steaming, once you have softened the skin surface you will also be able to remove any whiteheads

Having to get rid of the whiteheads problem is much easier than you think. You will always have to remember to have your face moisturized and cleaned. One of the best ways is to consume a lot of water and always remain hydrated.

Some of the simple ways of getting rid of whiteheads are the following, they can easily be found around you

1) When you consume a lot of vegetables and fruits you can definitely eliminate blackheads from your skin mainly because of the nutrition that it contains. One of the nutrients that is very necessary for the skin is zinc and vitamins since it helps with healing the skin from any kind of infection which also includes whiteheads
2) You need to ensure that your skin is always going to be hydrated at any cost. Only when the skin gets dry do problems such as blackheads and whiteheads appear.
3) Tea tree oil is also excellent for acne because of the anti bacterial properties that it contains. You can either get tea tree oil in the form of cream or face wash which is again excellent to get rid of the whiteheads.
Some of the home remedies to help whiteheads problem
1) When you apply the mixture of fenugreek leaves you will see a lot of difference. You need to make a paste out of it and simply leave it through the night and wash that off with warm water once you wake up. This helps in keeping away the whiteheads
2) A mixture of vinegar and corn starch should be left over the skin for about thirty minutes and then must be rubbed off using a wash cloth that is warm. This helps in cleaning the whiteheads
3) You could make a scrub out of lime juice, salt and milk to get rid of the whiteheads deposits on the skin.
4) It is possible to get rid of the whiteheads when you apply a mixture made from roasted and powdered pomegranate along with lime juice
5) Another mixture that really helps is that of lime juice and groundnut oil
6) Almond powdered could be applied on whiteheads to get rid of them
7) A paste from rose water and sandalwood could also be applied in the form of a mask for about thirty minutes and then must be washed away with warm water. This helps with the extraction of the whiteheads
8) Whiteheads could also be treated with grated potatoes
9) A mixture of honey along with egg beaten and dabbed on the whiteheads with the help of some cotton could eliminate the traces of whiteheads
10) You need to detoxify the system by consuming warm water along with some lime each morning as this is the cause of whiteheads

Oct 14

Blackheads and How to Get Rid of Them

Acne can show up in many different forms. One of those forms of acne is a blackhead. These are less obvious that whiteheads or pimples, but can be very annoying, and keep skin from looking clear. They appear, usually around the T-zone of your face, looking like little black dots, stuck inside your pores.

What are blackheads?

Blackheads, which are also called open comedones, are hair follicles that are larger than normal. Then become that way by being filled with dead skin cells and excess oil. The oil and the dead skin cells go through a process that causes oxidation of the pigment in skin. This is what accounts for its dark color, also giving it the name, “blackhead.” They are acne in its first stage, before bacteria becomes clogged in the pore, and causes an infection that creates a pimple.

What causes blackheads?

People with any skin type can experience blackheads, but people with oily skin are more likely to have them. As with most acne, they usually start to show up on skin after adolescence, when hormones cause oil glands in skin to start overpproducing. This overproduction causes the oil in skin to clog and block pores.

But blackheads are not only caused by overproduction of oil in the skin; skin that is not cleaned well can cause pores to become clogged with dirt; dead skin cells can also clog pores, which causes oil, even if it is not being overproduced, to become trapped and clog pores. Using too much sunscreen, lotion, or makeup can also lead to pores becoming clogged, as they are blocked by too much product.

Allowing skin to become overly dry can also cause blackheads for two reasons. The first is that overly dry skin tends to have an excess of dead skin cells, which end up blocking pores. The other way is that when skin is dry, oil production will increase to make up for the dryness. So if you allow skin to become dried out and flaky, you will end up with excess oil being produced, while dry and dead skin cells block your pores.

How do I get rid of blackheads?

Blackheads can be extracted; however, to avoid infection, you have to be careful and make sure you have as clean an environment as possible. The first step is to steam your skin for several minutes, this will open up pores. You can do this by putting your face over a bowl, or pot of steaming water, (being careful to not burn yourself) and place a towel over your head to keep in heat and steam. Many drug and beauty stores carry pore extractors, these can be used to work blackheads out of pores.

How do I prevent blackheads?

Blackhead prevention comes down to most of the same steps that are used to prevent acne. Depending on the severity of your acne, you will choose more or less aggressive options. The main ways to keep your skin blackhead free is to make sure that you are keeping oil and dirt in check; exfoliation is also key, this will keep dead skin cells out of your pores, and also help work free anything that is in the process of clogging pores. Additionally, make sure you are using appropriate amounts of lotions and make-up, and make sure that anything you are using is oil-free and noncomedogenic. Using cleansers with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can help accelerate the rate that skin cells turn over, helping to keep pores clear.