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As a teenager and being half indian, I have tried every possible home remedy for acne that I have had to put up with. I have even been through dermabrasions and chemical peels to see effective results from acne scars. Luckily, I am now blessed with good skin.
Nov 07

Surgery to Remove Acne Scars

Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists have come up with different products and methods that are instrumental in getting rid of any unwanted scars and acne that is present on the face. It is true that there are several options that one can choose from. If one is not too comfortable with a laser treatment there are many home made remedies which could definitely help? However, the prices of all the treatments do vary and you might want to choose something that will fit into your budget and your requirements.


This procedure includes taking off the skin’s top layer. This helps in making the skin a lot smoother thereby making the scar barely noticeable. This method is considered best for just the surface scarring. It also helps with reducing deep scars.
What surgeons use for acne cure

1) Collagen: Collagen could be injected into the area that is scarred directly. This is a procedure which works best for all those people who suffer from superficial scars. Like the dermabrasion procedure, this helps in reducing deep scars. This kind of treatment should be repeated once in a few months.

2) Body fat: Another method of feeling with the scars left behind by acne is by having to transfer the body fat straight into the skin which is damaged by acne. It is an effective method as it makes use of body tissues which are natural. The surgeon will just have to remove body fat from the body which is then injected into the scars. This method helps with the skin leveling as well as elevates any deep scars. This kind of procedure lasts longer compared to making use of collagen since it is not required to repeat the entire procedure.

3) Laser treatments: Laser treatments are very effective for acne scar removal. It is a procedure which helps in changing the scar tissue that is formed due to acne. This also reduces any redness of the skin. This solution is best for those individuals who do not want to get hassled by going through several treatments.

Laser Surgery: A Blessing

On that note, laser surgery for acne is not considered to be a fantasy any longer. For all those millions of people who hate their face due to acne scarring want to consider these options that helps in improving their confidence, self esteem and most importantly the skin. There are three different kinds of surgeries that fall under laser for acne scar removal namely Fraxel, Non-Ablative and Ablative.

The ablative surgery makes use of carbon dioxide laser which helps in removing the pimples layer by layer. When the skin is resurfaced it leaves behind a blemish free and smooth skin. The non ablative surgery normally works inside out by destroying the blemishes as well as killing the bacteria which causes acne problem. This is a treatment that is less destructive and gentle. Fraxel treatment makes use of destroying particular skin areas which leaves behind a healthy skin. This method is considered a lot less invasive than the other two. This surgery also helps in reducing the total healing process.

You should know that the laser surgery to cure acne cannot be taken too lightly. It is very much like any surgical procedure and not just a quick fix. Before one can consider this option it is advisable to talk to your doctor. Just like any treatment or procedure it is not compulsory for all individuals to react the same. Laser surgery is most likely to be suggested only in very extremely cases or when the standard form of treatments has failed.

Before going through the surgery you need to consider your options. Since it is a very serious procedure it should be only carried out by a professional. Although this is more of a cosmetic procedure, you cannot be dependent on a cosmetologist to do it for you. The costs must also be considered with this option especially as the insurance companies do not really consider this is a required medical expense. You might have to pay out of your pocket as most likely it is not going to be covered by any insurance company.

Nov 07

Dermabrasian to Remove Acne Scars

Dermabrasion is referred to as a very simple procedure. With the help of this procedure it is possible to treat pigmentation, wrinkles and scars. In this procedure, a rotating brush at high speed or an abrasive wheel is used by the concerned doctor to get rid of the skin using that wheel. This process is very helpful to remove any scars.

Dermabrasion is nothing but a mechanical procedure. It is possible to understand how it works if you have ever happened to use a sand paper. When the scarred old skin has been removed the new skin will tend to develop in a few days and this new skin will contain no scars. The entire process of healing will depend on the area that is treated or the depth of the scars. This procedure might also swell the skin but as and how the new skin is formed this problem will tend to go away.

What you need to know from your doctor

Before you can let any doctor go through with this procedure for you, it is best to discuss details of your medical history. This could include finding anything about the skin problems that you could have. If you happen to suffer from rosacea, acne or herpes simples it is important to be patient until the problem could resolve. If you have the tendency of keloid formation then it is possible to go for dermabrasion. For those individuals who have a medical history of herpes simplex or cold sores then it is important to consider an anti viral healing.
This procedure must be conducted at the hospital only. For any small areas it is right to make use of the local anesthetics but for any large areas it is preferred to go in for a general anesthesia. The total time of this procedure is going to depend on the entire area. The doctor will aim at removing the skin to ensure the abrasion is going to get to the depths of the scar. The doctor will then dress the wound and give any instructions for the post operative care. It is possible to feel a stinging sensation, red skin or swelling for many days. You should talk to your doctor about any side effects bothering you. It is very necessary to keep away from the skin during the whole period.

Dermabrasion is very effective when it comes to getting rid of any of the following scars

1) Acne scars
2) Post surgical scars
3) Tattoo scars
4) Chicken pox scars
5) Precancerous growth
6) Skin lesions
7) Correcting pigmentation issues
8) Facial wrinkles
9) Sun damage

One of the biggest advantages of dermabrasion is that it is not too painful and while correcting the scars, one would have to go through just a single dermabrasion procedure. Besides being an excellent procedure that helps get rid of the dead cells it is also helpful when it comes to the promotion of collagen which further results in better skin that is also smooth. At times, the dermatologist may suggest dermabrasion is done along with any other procedure like chemical peel or facelift for excellent results.

Dermabrasion is considered good to get rid of aging skin as well thereby improving the skin texture in just a single treatment.

Candidates for the treatment

1) Individuals who have wrinkled and dull skin
2) Light colored skin
3) Acne scars
4) Inactive blemish
5) Post surgical scar that is healed completely
6) Facial lines
7) Skin discoloration and freckles

Avoid dermabrasion

1) Those who have very thin skin
2) Individuals with a history of herpes
3) Uncontrolled diabetes
4) Active acne
5) Active rosacea
6) Any disorder with skin pigmentation

Since this procedure is considered to sand off the top layer of the skin it could have some side effects as well. There are patients who might also go through risks like scarring, bleeding or any pigmentation issues.

Common side effects

• Skin swelling
• Skin infection
• Darkening of skin
• Acne breakouts
• Irritation
• Skin redness
• Skin scarring

However, if you are going to religiously follow the instructions given to you by the dermatologist regarding post treatment care then you will not have to go through any uncommon side effects or at least keep it controlled. This is still considered to be the best option when it comes to correcting any imperfections of the skin as well as achieve complexion that is younger looking with just a single treatment.

Oct 16

Acne Conglobata: Prevention is better than cure!

cne Conglobata is considered to a very rare and severe condition of acne that may appear. Besides the regular manifestations or symptoms of the regular common acne like whitehead and blackheads this kind of diseases is more like a lesion that is pus filled which does eventually is the cause of a deep scar. This kind of acne is considered to be a very serious disease of the skin and must be looked into by a skin specialize. Acne conglobata also requires the right kind of treatment so that it may be prevented from getting any worse. Besides the discomfort that is caused by this form of acne, the disease could also be very painful especially when there is a rupture of the lesions.

Common areas affected

The chest, buttocks, back and face are considered to be the common areas that normally get affected by acne conglobata. Since this condition is considered to be inflammatory this could also lead to the keloid scarring of the skin and hence disfigurement in many extreme cases. It starts off from under the skin which is why the scars look like interconnected burrows. This kind of acne vulgaris normally affects young men who belong to the age group of 18 and 30. These symptoms may also be visible even if the sufferer has reached 40 years of age.

Cause of Acne conglobatta

The cause of this severe form of acne is unknown. Although, there are many experts that say the disease is normally because of other acne manifestations such as blisters, pimples and cysts. Just like how a volcano may suddenly erupt, this particular disease could also originate due to acne which has not shown symptoms at all. This condition of acne being really serious is associated with testosterone levels increases, anabolic steroid abuse or a condition which is the cause of the body producing more androgens.


Although this acne condition is considered to be severe it is not known to be fatal or anything that may threaten the life. Although, such condition could definitely kill something which is the self esteem of an individual suffering from acne conglobatta. Considering the long run the physical rigors which are caused due to this disease are far more bearable when compared to the mental and emotional torture that one has to go through because of this skin ailment. Individuals who suffer from such acne are normally the ones who get shunned by people normally making them feel like they are lepers in their own homes or communities. There are many treatments which aim at stopping this particular problem. There are also many antibiotics which have caused positive effects as well although the administration of the patient and medications should be done by a professional dermatologist. Erythromycin and tetracycline are common antibiotics which are used for the treatment of this disease although dapsone is a stronger alternative if the problem becomes severe. Isotretinoin is also considered an excellent option for treatment. It is a retinoid; it has effective results when it is tried for this particular disease of the skin. This medication could turn out to be rather bitter to swallow as well as have some really permanent side effects like bone diseases or hair loss. Other treatment options include radiation or carob dioxide laser.

Although you are going to try out a range or treatments it is important to carry out with the regular care in order to get some best results. You have to keep the skin clean and get rid of any oil based lotions or products. You should not use scents or perfumes for the skin. If you happen to be a part of any activity which could make you perspire you have to wash your skin with some cool water. When you do not do so you will not remove the toxins and dirt from the skin.

Acne is a condition which is hard to deal and normally teenagers are the ones who get affected by this problem. As and how one continues to age it could become a huge problem with relationships, life choices, careers and jobs. You should not wait until there is any further damage to the skin. You have to act right away and get the right treatment. If the acne is extreme you should consider getting doctor advice to get through a good treatment plan. You should know that prevention is the best medicine for this disease. You have to keep the symptoms at check as it is treatable and take action at the right time.

Oct 16

Nodular Acne: A condition that requires the right treatment

Acne is considered to be a skin disorder which is definitely a known fact by almost every individual as about 90% of them must have suffered with some kind of acne at some point of time in their lives. It could sometimes be mild and sometimes severe, the acne could also appear in the forms of blackheads, whiteheads and acne which is milder while as appear as pustules or cysts being the more severe form of acne. The nodular acne is recognized by the blocked glands of oil which are the reason for producing inflamed tissue and skin.

Unlike any simple whiteheads or pimples, the nodules are denser; they are dome like lesions which might also be very irregular on the skin. This particular acne is swollen, red and affects not just the skin that appears around it but also many deep layers. When this is not checked by a certified dermatologist who can give you solutions it could become extremely destructive and leave behind ugly looking scars.
There are times when nodules appear with cysts. When this situation occurs this particular condition is known as nodylocystic acne. This particular nodular acne is not just painful but extremely unsightly.

Treating nodular acne

Those individuals who happen to suffer from this terrible form of acne known as nodular acne must stay away from any self treatment or self medication. It is very important to look for some advice from a dermatologist so that the condition is diagnosed properly and treatment is given accordingly. One of the best ways to treat this terrible acne problem would be to immediate address it in its very early stages itself. This helps a lot with any further scarring or infection. Antibiotics are also prescribed to help with this infection or prevent from any breakouts in the future. Using antibiotics could also reduce the inflammations and reduce the skin swelling.

If at all the patient does not tend to respond to the given treatment or even if the improvement is very slow it is possible for the doctor to prescribe a retinoid which is known as isotretonoin. This is considered to be an oral form of medication which is normally supposed to be taken about twice in a day, this treatment course could last anywhere between fifteen to twenty weeks. This medicine does address the problem by reducing the sebum production as well as reducing the oil that is produced thereby preventing the clogged pores.

Although isotretinoin is considered very effective it may also have a few side effects. It is not suggested that pregnant woman take it since it is known to cause some birth defects. It does have a few contraindications like skin or mouth dryness, itching, muscle pain; nose bleeding etc. this definitely does explain why many doctors tend to monitor the patients quiet closely while prescribing this drug

Hormonal treatments

A very effective form of treating the nodular acne which most of the women tend to adopt is the hormonal therapy which is given as estrogen contraceptive pills. These pills help in reducing the sebum production.

Some other effective treatments for nodular acne

Any doctor will also be able to get rid of the excess sebum or dead cells of the skin with the help of sterile equipments. For any big lesions a cortisone injection could be used. It tends to work directly on the spot that is affected thereby reducing the swelling or any pain associated. While treating the condition of nodular acne you cannot be impatient at any cost. The nodular acne may take some time to get better since the infection is normally found deep in the skin. You need to meet with your doctor on a regular basis and see if there is any improvement with the treatment.

Treating the scars of nodular acne

When the scars are occurred, you could opt between laser therapy and surgery. This does help to reduce the scars or any bumps present. Sometimes there is also a requirement of dermabrasion to be done along with laser treatment in severe cases as the scarring is normally depressed and deep.

Living with this form of acne

If you have suffered from this form of acne and you want to go in for treatment you should ensure to follow the right treatment from a good doctor especially if you have to consume antibiotics. A full course treatment is very important if you want the therapy and medications to work for the best on this problem. You have to also adopt a good diet or make the right kind of changes to your habits or lifestyle.
The main cause of such acne is not known which does make a cure permanently unlikely. This does not mean that those people who suffer from this problem must be limited on the social, mental or physical front.

Oct 16

Whiteheads: Get rid of this annoying problem

Whiteheads is considered to be a classification under acne. These whiteheads are normally yellowish and white to look at. Whiteheads also tend to be a reason due to the natural oils of the body that accumulate and hence get hardened. Such whiteheads are normally the cause of the skin getting uneven as well. When you try to pop these whiteheads it is not going to do you any good. They will either ways tend to hard you all the more. Breaking such whiteheads is simply going to aggravate the situation. Whiteheads normally occur on oily skin. However, there are several ways that one can consider to get rid of this problem. Whitehead removal is easy and having to keep these away is also as easy. Some of the natural remedies mentioned underneath will help in keeping the skin and body healthy.

Some of the simple steps to solve the whiteheads problem are the following

1) You should wash your face using some warm water about two times in a day
2) Each time you really thing that your skin is going to get oily you just have to splash enough water, this would mean about three times.
3) You will have to ensure to keep your face hydrated at all times and even get rid of any blackheads. By drinking ample amount of juice and water you can easily solve the blackhead or whiteheads problem. when you drink some water along with some honey every morning you can flush out any unwanted toxins that are present in the body
4) Consume a lot of vegetables and fruits so that you body as well as skin as well as body as healthy as possible
5) Make sure you avoid any skin products that are oil based
6) You should also ensure you do not wear a lot of makeup since a lot of makeup could lead to the formation of white heads
7) You have to make use of water to be able to warm your face through steaming, once you have softened the skin surface you will also be able to remove any whiteheads

Having to get rid of the whiteheads problem is much easier than you think. You will always have to remember to have your face moisturized and cleaned. One of the best ways is to consume a lot of water and always remain hydrated.

Some of the simple ways of getting rid of whiteheads are the following, they can easily be found around you

1) When you consume a lot of vegetables and fruits you can definitely eliminate blackheads from your skin mainly because of the nutrition that it contains. One of the nutrients that is very necessary for the skin is zinc and vitamins since it helps with healing the skin from any kind of infection which also includes whiteheads
2) You need to ensure that your skin is always going to be hydrated at any cost. Only when the skin gets dry do problems such as blackheads and whiteheads appear.
3) Tea tree oil is also excellent for acne because of the anti bacterial properties that it contains. You can either get tea tree oil in the form of cream or face wash which is again excellent to get rid of the whiteheads.
Some of the home remedies to help whiteheads problem
1) When you apply the mixture of fenugreek leaves you will see a lot of difference. You need to make a paste out of it and simply leave it through the night and wash that off with warm water once you wake up. This helps in keeping away the whiteheads
2) A mixture of vinegar and corn starch should be left over the skin for about thirty minutes and then must be rubbed off using a wash cloth that is warm. This helps in cleaning the whiteheads
3) You could make a scrub out of lime juice, salt and milk to get rid of the whiteheads deposits on the skin.
4) It is possible to get rid of the whiteheads when you apply a mixture made from roasted and powdered pomegranate along with lime juice
5) Another mixture that really helps is that of lime juice and groundnut oil
6) Almond powdered could be applied on whiteheads to get rid of them
7) A paste from rose water and sandalwood could also be applied in the form of a mask for about thirty minutes and then must be washed away with warm water. This helps with the extraction of the whiteheads
8) Whiteheads could also be treated with grated potatoes
9) A mixture of honey along with egg beaten and dabbed on the whiteheads with the help of some cotton could eliminate the traces of whiteheads
10) You need to detoxify the system by consuming warm water along with some lime each morning as this is the cause of whiteheads

Oct 11

Skin ID Review

Bad acne has been considered a nuisance for several people out there and this problem can simply lead to a problem of self esteem falling low. There are many medications available based across the counter and prescribed ones that claim to get rid of such scars. There are also many products available that it becomes hard to actually decide which one would actually work. Skin ID by Neutrogena claims that it is a solution involving one step for any kind of acne and acne cure.

Advantages of Skin ID

1) It is personalized for any type of acne
2) There is a 100% regarding success rate
3) It comes with a gurantee of money back
4) It works very fast

Disadvantages of Skin ID

1) Should be careful about not having to apply a lot
2) You cannot buy this from any store

All about Skin ID?

This program is by Neutrogena that helps fight acne. It is more of a program that also involved any interactions with dermatologists and online questions. Instead of being a single product that could treat acne, every program has been personalized in such a way to treat individual acne. Every program of Skin ID begins with questionnaires which is very important to understand the kind of acne regimen which would be right. This questionnaire has questions about the kind of acne and skin, the routine used for skin care and many other lifestyle factors. After this is done you will get for yourself an ID figure which will help determine the three products that will be right to treat your acne. Every regimen is aimed at being unique for every individual and yet a few aspects of this program will still remain just the same. Every individual will get three unique products which are aimed at cleaning, treating, moisturizing or fighting acne entirely depending on the kinds of answers you submit. The products given will last for as much as thirty days and the refills will also be sent as and how you begin running out.

Benefits achieved from Skin ID

The reason why Skin ID stands out from any other kind of treatment is because it claims to help with treating acne much better as it is personalized based on the issues of an individual. This is considered to be extremely effective mainly since this is a program that helps in reducing the acne problems by having to deal with people on an individual basis and given them a customized program instead of a very general approach that most products aim at doing. One other big benefit is the brand name; Neutrogena has been in the market for as long as one can think of and is also a leading brand name in the skin care industry. Such products referred to by the Skin ID program are effective as they are made under strict supervision of real dermatologists. This is also one of the reason as to why they are superior compared to other products.
The online component available for these products are mainly aimed at offering individuals with some peace of mind, besides it is easy and quick for one to use. Every answer that is available under this system is simply unique and easy to understand they are not stereotype or cut and paste type either. Although asking questions may not help you solve your acne problem but will definitely help with taking a good stand regarding how you can take care of your own skin.

Issues or Concerns

As already mentioned, this program is developed by professionals and there could be no issue with this program. Refills cannot be purchased from any store and the auto refill program is the one that will help in sending out refills once in thirty days. The system is extremely effective but if at all you lose one of the products you cannot immediately buy but wait to get it replaced. Make sure you do not apply too much of the product not because it could have any negative affect but only because you might have to run out of the product quickly than expected.

Skin ID is considered extremely effective; this prevention program helps every individual who makes use of it. Every product is personalized for the skin or acne of an individual.

Oct 11

ClearPores Review

ClearPores is a popular system aimed at controlling acne; it is also an acne system which focuses on preventing as well as treating acne. This medically proven formula has three products that are put to work together to be able to treat acne right from its root cause instead of having to simply get rid of it temporarily. Since this program works inside out, it is why ClearPores has managed to get so much popularity. It is also not possible to simply ignore the main factor that is considered to be the number one product present in the market.

This system has an herbal supplement which treats the skin on an internal basis; it has a deep face wash as well as a treatment cream. A great news is that although this product ClearPores is a combination of three effective and powerful products it is still a very affordable solution for acne that you can ever find offline and online. Since ClearPores does claim that it can easily clear up any acne in a matter of few weeks it is necessary to find out what users have to say about this product and how much of popularity it has gained. Will this particular acne system really work as much as it claims that it does or is it just like any other product aimed at false promises?

All about ClearPores

As already mentioned above, unlike different acne remedies available ClearPores is considered a lot more than just a single product. It is described by many reviewers as a total solution for clogged pores, oily skin and stubborn acne. The treatment includes three steps as follows

1) A cleansing wash which helps unclog any pores as well as fights against the bacteria responsible for acne forming
2) It is a total herbal supplement that helps in boosting the fighting potential of the body against acne
3) The protection cream is actually the main secret behind why or how the skin can remain radiant and beautiful

How effective is ClearPores?

It is quite impressive when you consider the formulation of every ClearPores product besides also including the fact that this system can go beyond many acne treatments. It has been possible to also determine that the ingredients present are fully natural as well as of great quality. Although this has been proved it is important to know what different users have mentioned about this product or how it works.

There have been many fully satisfied customers who have mentioned that they have managed to see a great reduction with regards to how their acne has disappeared in a matter of a few weeks while there are others who have mentioned that it has left behind a clean and soothing feeling to their skin. A common benefit that has been uncovered is that it has natural ingredients and hence it has no side effects or neither does it cause any kind of damage for the skin. Most of the treatments available today are filled with chemicals and could lead to unnecessary and unwanted reactions, further on it could also damage sensitive skin.

Advantages of ClearPores

• It is endorsed by medical practitioners, doctors as well as customers alike
• It has proven to work by several users who are satisfied and pleased
• The multiple system is effective since it suits the needs of individuals
• It has a money back guarantee which is definitely a big plus
• There are bonuses easily available

Disadvantages of ClearPores

• It is not available at any retail stores


ClearPores is very highly recommended by many websites as well as users who have tried the product. It is mainly because of the ingredients which are of high quality, the customer reviews and formulations which make it a complete system as well as possible reason why it is highly recommended to all the people having different skin types. On that note, there is also one important point that every individual should know which is to make a decision based on reviews and suggestions. Although this is said to you, it is only you who knows what is best for your skin type and what is not. Although you can find some unbiased and honest reviews online you should know that there can be no miracle medicine and everything needs to be understood well before trying it out. Keeping in mind the money back guarantee and high quality ingredients including customer reviews that are all positive you are not going to lose too much trying out this acne treatment program.