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As a teenager and being half indian, I have tried every possible home remedy for acne that I have had to put up with. I have even been through dermabrasions and chemical peels to see effective results from acne scars. Luckily, I am now blessed with good skin.
Nov 14

Our #3 Pick: Clear Skin MAX Review

Acne is something that many people suffer from and if you happen to be one of them you will also begin to know how much it could affect the confidence of one. If you have also go through trying out so many products you will get to know that they do not work and could even increase the problem in return. Hence, you have not just wasted your precious money but also not gotten any better with the way your acne problem is. The solution for acne come in various forms such as counter creams, lotions, washers or pills.

Clear Skin Max is a fantastic system aimed at curing acne and help towards skin care. It is a evolutionally proven system and excellent which is aimed at treating, minimizing and preventing the blemishes from appearing further treating large pores, scarring and spots. This particular skin care product is not like any other product as it helps in cleansing the skin so well that soon acne will just become something that you suffered from in the past. Instead of temporarily fixing the problem of acne, Clear Skin max helps to get to the main cause of this problem and having to treat it thoroughly enough.

clear skin max - full packageThe clear skin max kit does offer you tea tree control gel for cleansing, acne vanisher mask, emergency acne treatment gel, melanin expel essence and condition and skin lotion.

Acne Vanisher Mask

This vanisher mask is made from Allantoin, this is a plant extract attained from comfrey plant. It is used in the form of a cream in many cosmetic products for the purpose of soothing and to relieve irritated skin. This vanisher mask is very helpful to release any impurities or dirt that is present on the surface of the skin. It is more like an exfoliator for any dead cells of the skin. It helps in making the skin moisturized, ensuring it is smooth and supple. However, the mask should only be used about twice in a week.

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Nov 13

Our #4 Pick: Acnease Review

How is it possible to get the most from Acnease?

1) It is a requirement to be involved: If at all the case of acne is severe then you need to begin with as much as twelve tablets in a single day and continue the same amount of dosage for a period of three weeks. Additionally, if you have started out with your treatment by consuming eight tablets in a day and have not seen any noticeable changes with the acne condition then you will have to increase the dosage to twelve tablets.

2) Stick to your plan: You will have to at least get through one month before you can get to the benefits of Acnease. For those individuals who happen to have a persistent acne case then you do not have to hesitate to consume the tablets as unlike any other antibiotics which are used for acne problem there are absolutely no side effects with the usage of Acnease. You do not have to worry anymore and simply enjoy the benefits.

3) You need to keep Acnease within reach: It is normal for many people to suffer from the problem of acne but if you have happened to complete successfully the dosage for about a month or two of treatment then you need to make sure you always have Acnease within reach as a backup plan. For this main reason you will have to simply stick to the maintenance plan for sometime which means about four tablets in a day. If at all a couple of pimples tend to reappear you can opt for Acnease until those do not disappear. This simply does not mean that Acnease does not work it just means that you will have to make use of it to ensure it is going to work.

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Nov 13

Our #5 Pick: Acnezine Review

Acnezine solutions is considered to be a latest of all the products that has arrived at the market aimed to treat acne and has definitely gained so much of popularity in a short span of time. This product is made from only natural ingredients and comes in the form of cream and capsule. It is used to cure acne problems of teenagers as well as adults; the acne problem could be severe or mild.

Unlike many other topical creams which are used to clear acne, Acnezine works towards getting rid of any existing blemishes as well as treating the irritation of the skin. Acnezine is also extremely capable to treat the root cause of the acne problem. Since the product is all organic it does not cause any side effects that most other chemicals present in acne treatments could do. Acnezine has aloe Vera. Listed underneath are some of the benefits that are gained from Acnezine.


1) It helps to treat any acne occurrences it could be on any portion of the body or just the face
2) Acnezine helps in the reduction of the inflammation which is caused by any acne breakout
3) It also reduces the redness present on the skin which is connected to acne problem
4) Acnezine is very effective on whiteheads as well as blackheads
5) It is very effective when it comes to removing the pus or pimples
6) This product clears the face out of any blemish or spots which are mostly the common conditions associated with the problem acne.
7) Acnezine helps in preventing acne outbreaks as well as providing an effective and long term cure when compared to the immediate results that may not be long lasting
8 ) Acnezine has antioxidants which are extremely instrumental in killing free radicals, these are mostly known for skin damage
9) The product helps in clearing the skin of any bacteria that forms a part of the pores that lead to acne
10) Acnezine helps in restoring the skin beauty by giving it an extremely natural glow
11) Acnezine comes along with a money back guarantee of 90 days

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Nov 10

Acnetix Review

Acne is considered to be one of the most common disorders of the skin as well as something that is hated the most. Teenagers as well as adults from different walks of life tend to suffer from acne, sometimes it gets so bad that it leaves behind marks and scars. Acne is otherwise called as zits or pimples; they can also form black or white lesions or bumps. Acne is normally caused by pores or hair follicles that get filled with dead skin, dirt or oil. There are many creams which are available in the market claiming to treat different kinds of acne, this is also one of the reason as to why acne treatments have managed to become really big a business where there are also ineffective products that are marketed as perfect remedies.



Acnetix is a product that has been reviewed with regards to how effective it has been and an absolute value for money for all those customers who do not want to go through any more hassles of experimenting their money and time on other products.

Acnetix is referred to as a one step scrub that aims at clearing out all the acne in one week. Acnetix is the product of a company that is known as Revivea Laboratories. However, based on a thorough search of all the business that are operating under this name across the globe the only information regarding the contact was provided as the sales email. Although, a quick search on the internet will also show you many reviews of different customers who have tried and many individuals also mentioning it as nothing more than just a scam. The Acnetix is by itself only a watery solution which is supposed to be applied on the acne twice in a day for it to be effective enough. According to the business website of this product it is mentioned that Acnetix is considered to be an acne treatment rated at the number one position. There were no such independent reviews of the same anywhere. Every 12 ounce of the bottle is considered enough for a period of four months.

Where to buy Acnetix

The company website does have a sales funnel. But at the time of writing this review, we found that you can get a much better deal on Amazon with about 25% off.

You can check out the recent best deals and more customer reviews here.

Ingredients of Acnetix

Acnetix is considered to be all natural having no caustic or harmful ingredients present. This is supposed to be the only true claim of the product. However, talking about how natural the product is does not mean that it is effective or safe. Following are the ingredients of the product.

1) Tea tree oil: This is a natural antiseptic considered as a good replacement of benzoyl peroxide. Although tea tree oil is extremely slow in its action it is definitely a good product which should be used as a conjunction of benzoyl peroxide and not any replacement
2) White willow: This contains salicin which the body uses for the conversion of salicylic acid
3) Retinol A: It is an extremely important vitamin used for the health of the skin
4) Vitamin E: This is more important than using Vitamin A for the skin but neither is considered a treatment for acne
5) Walnut shell: It is a good scrub
6) Green tea: It has antioxidants but does not do anything to clear acne
7) Oat flour: Also a good scrub
8 ) Aloe Vera: A good moisturizer
9) Vegetable glycerin: A great product for skin smoothness
10) Jasmine: Smooth aroma
11) Avocado: It has an oil which gets deep into one’s skin but does not do anything for acne
12) Chaparral: It is normally used by Americans to treat cold or arthritis but not acne
13) Alfalfa: It contains some vitamin E
14) Lavender: Astringent and antiseptic
15) Camellia: Very relaxing
16) Bergamot: A natural oil
17) Jojoba: It is very essential but how effective it is for acne is not known
18) Gotu kola: It helps concentration and memory
19) Redmond clay: It helps to thicken the product as well as a good moisturizer

The website does promise that it will simply get sold out in a matter of 36 hours and asks the prospective buyers to buy immediately before it can get any late but this is obviously a gimmick. Acnetix also claims to give the individual a lifetime guarantee on the product but there are many customers who have also complained that the product was not given any refund if it was anything beyond 60 days old.

Acnetix has no valid contact information and any information given regarding the email address has been tested and people have said that they have got no response at all. With so many bad reviews talking about Acnetix along with no contact information it just goes to show that this product is nothing more than an internet scam. Although the product is all natural but it does not have anything in it that will help treating acne. The product smells nice and could moisturize the skin but $40 for a single bottle is just too expensive.

Nov 10

Acneticin Review

Acneticin is considered to be an extremely amazing pill which is possibly the best treatment available for all those acne sufferers who have managed to try every little thing and are more than happy to get rid of these scars in a matter of 72 hours straight. Acneticin lets all its customers know that it is not a pill that cannot simply work by scratching the surface in order to get rid of this problem but instead in eradicates the blackheads, acne, zits, pustules, blotchiness and redness by having to go to the underlying root of this problem.
Acneticin also claims that the acne normally starts out from the skin surface and also that acne is just a symptom and not a problem itself. Normally, when the body is not in its right balance it lets us know through these symptoms.

To sum it up, these are a few factors of Acneticin:

1) Acneticin is considered to be the last product required for skin care by an individual which helps in reducing blemishes or redness in a matter of 72 hours
2) The main mechanism related to the cure is the balancing of hormones
3) The ingredients present in Acneticin do not have any benefit to the skin while there are some that do affect a lot.

Since Acneticin promises that it will treat the acne from its root because it only means that it is extremely influential with supplementing the body, balancing out the hormones and slipping out the toxins. According to different reviews there is nothing too bad about this product. Any amount of side effects or any problems with a particular formula is compensated by another good part. Although some of the components present do tend to provide a long term benefit the others do give the skin immediate benefits. You will begin to notice how quickly the acne tends to disappear as well as bring about a lot or improvement to the skin.

It is a very unique treatment that is taken orally and treats almost every sign that leads to acne. There are many acne treatments that tend to address the acne problem only from the outside point such as many cleansers and creams but this treats the problem from inside out. Although the body does tend to vary from another, so do the cases of acne which is why Acneticin is effective as it addresses the main problem. Most of the counter medications and treatments are mainly creams, cleansers or masks and many people do not even find these options to be effective or desirable. Acneticin is one such treatment for all those people who have tried all that is there and have found no luck at all. Most of the people have managed to find a good combination of internal treatment with topical treatment to be effective.

Acneticin is a counter medication which is more of an herbal supplementation that is consumed orally. If you have come to realize that topical treatments are no good and have not provided you with any result instead only leaving your skin more irritated or if you do not have enough time in your hand to try out all those creams Acneticin is your best buy. This medication does have a really good success rate with only 1% of the total customers who have turned out returning their did and all those who have returned it do also get a refund. With several treatments available today you could be confused to understand if this is actually the best treatment for you or not.

Although this question might be really hard to answer as every individual is different, Acneticin has definitely worked for a majority of the people who have tried it to get rid of this horrible symptom. One of the only problems with many topical treatment is that those individuals with dark skin or sensitive skin might go through a lot of irritation and even at that time, the best option is obviously Acneticin. You do not have to any longer dread applying different creams, instead just pop a pill that barely takes seconds.

If you think nothing has ever worked for you in the best then this acne treatment is probably what you are looking for. It does three remarkable activities which is to:

1) Strengthen the skin
2) Balance: the natural ingredient that is found helps balance the hormones and hence reducing any acne signs
3) Detox: Normally the body tends to get worn out due to toxins that most of the time resides in our skin. The skin tends to get damaged because of these toxins a lot faster. The ingredients being natural help in flushing any toxins and letting the skin make a lot of progress.

Nov 09

Microdermabrasian to Remove Acne Scars

Making use of home microdermabrasion creams is considered to be an extremely popular method and has amazing effects when it comes to removing the scars in an effective manner. The removal of acne scars is done at the home with the right microdermabrasion creams which is a lengthy process but extremely effective. This microdermabrasion cream which is used for resurfacing the acne scars that is present is more of a natural product that is made by nature mostly and partially by the help of humans making use of a regenerating serum that repairs the skin. This particular acne treatment namely microdermabrasion shows some dramatic effects in just a few months as it considerably improves the complexion of skin making use of the cream that could be made at home by just making use of this cream on a very regular basis. The skin smoothness and the skin glow could be seen easily in just a matter of two months instead of all those scar spots.

These acne scars do not disappear once and for all and yet with the help of microdermabrasion the skin could look extremely striking as well. With the help of this technique that is designed for acne scars it could take as much as one year for the scars to completely disappear. The time that is taken for such an improvement and for the effects of the treatment to show will only depend on the kind of scars, location of the acne scars as well as the depth of them. This particular microdermabrasion treatment works in the surface of the skin as well as the dermis layer of the skin. Not only is the treatment helpful when it comes to getting rid of the scars but also extremely effective for the acne that is currently active. The microdermabrasion cream helps gain all the lot nutrients of the skin thereby resulting in the renewal of the skin. The result of this will only be fresh and new skin whereby it will almost become tough to recognize any scars because of the skin smoothness. The micro crystals which are present in the cream helps removing any hard, rough, old and damaged skin right from its epidermis. This cream helps towards regeneration of fresh cells to manage giving the skin a new and refreshed look.

In the last few decades, the process of microdermabrasion has become a cosmetic treatment to get rid of wrinkles, scars, lines or any dark spots. The main advantage of this treatment is that it could be done in your own home, at a beauty salon or any day spa as well. However, there are a few problems that should be considered. If time or money is a very big issue then you could definitely make use of the home based creams. This particular treatment helps in providing excellent results and a much milder option.

The kits that are used at home normally have a small device that is mainly used for the sanding action purpose. This particular machine also has other detachable accessories which are very instrumental in different abrasion levels.

Following are some of the disadvantages and advantages of making use of the microdermabrasion cream and system.

The benefits are the following

1) The biggest advantage of the microdermabrasion system used at home is the cost and time. It is possible to carry out this system at any place and any time that is preferable. The price of such kind of products are definitely a lot lesser than the other regular ones.
2) It is very much possible to easily regulate how consistent this particular treatment is. You may also want to opt for a cream which is made of softer crystals if at all it is required for sensitive skin. While dealing with delicate or dry skin you need to pick out a cream which has bicarbonate sodium crystals.
3) It is very much possible to perform the system of microdermabrasion without any machine. You could simply apply the cream and massage it.

The disadvantages are the following

1) Although the microdermabrasion remedies are simply hassle free, they are extremely mild and will be able to provide you with the right kind of results. For individuals who do not have too many scars you will have to opt for a treatment for a much longer period to be able to see any notable results.
2) There are a few individuals who might have to see any adverse reaction in case there is a usage of harsh creams. If this is more like your case then you need to try out many products before you can determine what will be the best for your problem or your skin type.

Nov 07

Actimine Review

Actimine is a herbal supplement which aims at correcting the different chemical imbalances of the body which are the causes of acne appearance on the face. According to the website of the company, the product is suitable for all ages as well as helps with clearing acne that is present all through the body. Besides just the face, acne could appear on the chest, back and the neck.

How can Actimine work?

Actimine just has one claim; it is to remove anything that contributes towards causing acne and oil in about twelve weeks of regular usage. One of the logic is connected to the human anatomy, the more amount of oil that a body produces there will be more chances of the bacteria growing in the small pores. This accumulation could lead to causing acne is at all the condition does worsen. Actimine has natural ingredients that are found in flowers and herbs which can clear any kind of imbalances present on the skin. This includes the reduction of blackheads, infections and whiteheads with just about a month of usage.

Some of the amazing benefits

• The main advantage of Actimine is that the medicine promises to get to the underlying problem of the cause such as the imbalance of hormones or the enzymes damaging the skin. Most of the skin processes is due to the acne being present and this amazing herbal formula claims to be able to cure it all.

• One other very attractive benefit is that both the older and younger users can consume this supplement. Since this drug is considered to be herbal it really does not require a prescription from the doctor since it does not particularly directly state anything about being able to cure anything.

• This puts the buyer in a really good position since the individual can simply start with the treatment and can even stop in case any side effects tend to manifest. As stated by the official website of Actimine any immunological process might also affect the skin. At times, such processes tend to affect the skin in a very negative manner.

Some of the side effects of Actimine according to user reviews

1) There was a very scientific statement mentioned by Actimine where it says that 100% of the people belonging between the age of 12 and 17 tend to suffer from acne problems. This statement is nowhere close to being true as according to the FDA or food and drug authority it says that 60% or less could be the right figure. Not every individual suffers from acne and pimples.

2) The second negative aspect about Actimine is that it declares to work like wonders for people belonging to all age groups. This is extremely hard to believe as there exists no drug that can be so good. If this was true then the drug would be very expensive as well.

3) The drug is extremely rare when it comes to talking about what it could do for the skin. The website of the company claims that it can simply clear the skin. However, if this statement deemed to be true then it could vary from one individual to another. In other words, there can be no sufficient proof claiming that this drug can work.


One of the biggest advantages of making use of Actimine is that it managed to get to the main cause of the production of excess oil to be able to stop further acne formation. Actimine is made from nutrients and minerals which are totally safe for consumption on an everyday basis without having to worry too much about its side effects. It can also be consumed by individuals of different age groups. It helps with the reduction of acne on the face as well as chest, back, shoulders and neck. The main drawback in this case is that there are no studies which can endorse all the claims of getting rid of acne. Although it helps improve the health of the skin there are no formal conclusions of how effective this treatment is. There is nothing stated about how many pills one could take in a single day. However, it does come along with a money back guarantee within a period of six months if the buyer is not too satisfied with its results.