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Nov 11

Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit Review

The Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit features products that are designed to deeply cleanse the skin, absorb oil, treat existing acne and prevent future breakouts. The Acne Facial Cleanser, Special Cucumber Lotion, Drying Mask, Drying Cream and Drying Lotion are the five products that are included in the kit. This article provides a review of the products that can be found in the Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit and illustrates the potential benefits and drawbacks of the kit.

Acne Facial Cleanser

• Contains salicylic acid
• Contains chamomile
• Contains aloe vera
• Reduces inflammation
• Some synthetic ingredients

The Acne Facial Cleanser contains a mixture of ingredients that fight acne while also soothing the skin. Salicylic acid helps to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, which will leave pores clean and free of impurities. Aloe vera and chamomile can help to reduce facial redness, inflammation and provide light moisture to the skin. This product also contains chemicals and synthetic ingredients such as propylene glycol, glycerin and triethanolamine, which can be potential skin irritants.

Special Cucumber Lotion

• Astringent
• Kills acne-causing bacteria
• Contains sulfur
• Contains cucumber
• Few synthetic ingredients

This lotion acts as an astringent, and can remove bacteria on the skin while also clearing pores. Sulfur is a highly beneficial ingredient for fighting acne, as it eliminates bacteria, treats existing blemishes and reduces redness and inflammation. Cucumber extract is used to hydrate the skin and soothe swelling and redness. In a similar manner to the Acne Facial Cleanser, the Special Cucumber Lotion contains a few chemical ingredients.

Drying Mask

• Heals existing acne
• Unclogs pores
• Minimizes oil
• Soothes skin
• Synthetics

The Drying Mask contains a finely divided form of sulfur known as colloidal sulfur. This ingredient inhibits the growth of bacteria, reduces surface oil and can help exfoliate dead skin cells before they clog pores. To combat the potential drying effects of colloidal sulfur, calamine is included to calm skin and lightly moisturize.

Drying Cream

• Conceals existing acne
• Treats blemishes
• Contains aloe
• Contains synthetics

The Drying Cream conceals the appearance of blemishes while also speeding the healing process. Colloidal sulfur treats existing acne and kills acne-causing bacteria on the skin. It is a lightly moisturizing product that also contains aloe to soothe skin.

Drying Lotion

• Eliminates whiteheads
• Treats body acne and facial acne
• Contains salicylic acid and colloidal sulfur
• Contains calamine
• Synthetic ingredients

The Drying Lotion is used as a spot treatment and is intended to speed the healing process of existing acne. It can also be applied anywhere on the face or body where a blemish may occur. Salicylic acid unclogs pores and treats whiteheads, while colloidal sulfur attacks bacteria and promotes the healing process. Calamine can relieve dryness and inflammation.


The Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit contains many ingredients that are proven acne fighters that can both treat and prevent the occurrence of acne. Ingredients such as salicylic acid and sulfur treat the specific causes of acne by promoting the sloughing of dead skin cells, eliminating acne-causing bacteria and controlling oil production.

The products included in the kit are also a decent size and should be long-lasting. Since all of the products are included in a kit, they all work synergistically and provide specific benefits to the skin. Choosing an acne kit that contains numerous products also saves time, since a person does not have to search for cleansers, moisturizers and creams separately.


Perhaps the main drawback of this kit is the large number of preservatives that are present in each product. Ingredients such as propylene glycol, polysorbate 80, nonoxynol-9 and glycerin do not serve a purpose in treating acne and do not offer any benefits to the skin. In some cases, these ingredients can be irritating, result in redness and can even worsen acne in some individuals. Due to the substantial amount of preservatives, the Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit would not be a good choice for individuals with sensitive skin.

While many products in this kit do contain salicylic acid and sulfur, the concentrations are not listed, which makes it difficult to ascertain how well they will treat acne. In general, the most effective concentration of salicylic acid is two percent. Since the concentration of salicylic acid is not listed, it may be a signal that the concentration is much less than two percent. This can greatly reduce the efficacy of the product when treating acne.

The fact that some of the product names are described as drying also raises concern. Many people believe that drying the skin will prevent the development of acne and reduce the amount of sebum that is produced. Acne products that are aimed at drying the skin can actually increase sebum production, cause inflammation and worsen acne. The description for these products may convince some people that drying the skin is essential to acne prevention, when in reality, it is the exact opposite.

Nov 10

Acnepril Review

Unlike other treatments that control acne through topical applications, Acnepril is a supplement that is taken daily. It is composed of all-natural ingredients that are believed to fight acne by delivering acne-fighting elements deep within the layers of skin, where acne is thought to develop.

This approach is different when compared to most topical applications, which mostly treat acne on the surface level. The following article will illustrate how Acnepril works, examine the main ingredients found in the product and discuss potential advantages and disadvantages of Acnepril.

How Acnepril Works

• Hormone regulation

An overproduction of oil, or sebum, is one of the primary ways that acne develops. Since hormonal changes may cause enlargement of the sebaceous glands, Acnepril attempts to reduce the amount of oil the skin produces by regulating hormones.

• Removal of impurities and toxins

Since bacteria and other impurities can become trapped in pores and cause the development of acne breakouts, the ingredients in Acnepril promote the removal of these toxins before they can clog pores. This is beneficial, as clear skin is dependent on maintaining clear pores that are free of debris.

• Prevent breakouts by strengthening skin

Through a mixture of vitamins, botanicals and minerals that are known for providing benefits to the skin, Acnepril can repair damaged skin and make it look healthier and vibrant.

Active Ingredients in Acnepril

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has skin detoxifying properties and can help to remove harmful toxins and impurities that can cause acne. This process can help to clear pores and eliminate acne-causing bacteria. This ingredient also protects cells from free radical damage, which can keep skin looking clear and healthy.

• Witch hazel

Witch hazel is a potent antibacterial and astringent, which is a necessary component of any product that treats and controls acne. This all-natural ingredient can eliminate the bacteria that cause acne and prevent inflammation, so skin is free of redness. As an astringent, witch hazel can also deeply cleanse the skin without over drying and causing irritation, and can also reduce the size of pores.

• Vitamin B5

This vitamin can help to control the amount of oil the skin produces, which can help prevent the occurrence of acne. By breaking down sebum, vitamin B5 ensures that pores do not become clogged. This ingredient can also help with wound healing, which will help the skin heal existing acne and reduce the risk of developing post-acne marks.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A stimulates cell turnover, which is highly beneficial for acne sufferers, since the abnormal shedding of dead skin cells can cause acne to develop. It also keeps pores free of debris by detoxifying impurities that may be deep beneath the skin.

• Licorice Root

Licorice root is an anti-inflammatory and can reduce skin redness and provide relief to irritated and inflamed skin. This all-natural ingredient can also inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria without causing the skin to become excessively dry.

• Dandelion

Dandelion can purge impurities from the skin, resulting in pores that are clean and less likely to become clogged. It can also regulate the hormonal balance within the body and reduce the amount of sebum produced by the skin.


One of the main advantages of Acnepril is that it treats the main causes of acne by controlling sebum, eliminating bacteria and encouraging the growth of new skin cells. Since it is a supplement, it will reach the deepest layers of skin and will treat and prevent acne before it begins to develop. Acnepril can also treat acne that occurs anywhere, including on the face, chest and back.

Acnepril is also 100 percent natural and is not composed of any synthetic ingredients that can potentially irritate the skin and make acne worse. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who has sensitive skin, or individuals who have tried salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide and have not had much success. Many of the ingredients in Acnepril are also effective at minimizing the appearance of acne scarring. In this way, Acnepril is beneficial when compared to other acne products that are only concerned with treating acne and do not reduce post-acne marks.


Depending on how many capsules a person takes each day, Acnepril does not appear to be cost-effective. If a person takes an average of eight capsules a day, they will only have a supply that lasts for 15 days. The Acnepril website contains overwhelmingly positive reviews, which may lead an individual to think that this product will work for everyone. The website also makes the claim that Acnepril will eliminate acne forever, which is a bit misleading. Acne is a condition that does not have a cure, although it can be effectively managed with the proper treatment.

Nov 09

Pronexin Review

Pronexin is a cleanser that can be used to eliminate facial and body acne. This formulation is composed of all-natural ingredients and does not contain any harsh chemicals. The ingredients in this acne wash are designed to deeply penetrate the pores and deliver acne-fighting ingredients to eliminate the bacteria that cause acne.

By deeply cleansing the skin and unclogging pores, Pronexin can reduce sebum production and promote the exfoliation of dead skin cells, which can aid in the reduction of breakouts and lead to consistently clear skin. This article reviews the Pronexin acne wash, examines the ingredients to determine if they will be effective against acne and lists the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Pronexin Active Ingredients

• Vitamin C

Since vitamin C helps to reverse skin damage and aid in skin repair and wound healing, it is a very beneficial ingredient for treating and managing acne. Vitamin C will lessen the appearance of any acne scars and can promote the healing of acne blemishes. This anti-oxidant can also boost the skin’s production of collagen, which is helpful in maintaining a vibrant and healthy looking complexion.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant that can promote the removal of toxins that are deep within the skin. The removal of toxins and debris is an essential component of any acne treatment, since toxins can clog pores and lead to the development of acne. Vitamin A also encourages cell turnover, as dead skin cells are removed and fresh and healthy skin cells are brought to the surface.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has the same acne-fighting properties that benzoyl peroxide provides; only it will not cause excessive dryness or irritation. This ingredient is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic agent, which will eliminate the bacteria that cause acne and reduce skin inflammation. Since the presence of acne-causing bacteria on the skin is a leading cause of acne, tea tree oil can help to reduce the frequency of breakouts and unclog pores.


Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) is an organic sulfur compound of a nutrient that occurs naturally in the body. It promotes the detoxification process, which will help to clear pores of any debris or bacteria that can clog pores and cause the development of acne. MSM also contains amino acids that can restore a healthy look to the skin and prevent acne breakouts before they start to develop.

• White Willow

White willow is an all-natural acne treatment that treats acne in a similar manner to salicylic acid. This ingredient acts as an anti-inflammatory, as it reduces redness and stimulates the growth of new skin cells. White willow also promotes skin healing and can speed the skin’s recovery from existing acne blemishes. Through mild exfoliation, white willow removes impurities from pores and keeps them free of debris. White willow can also control and manage acne by minimizing the production of sebum.

Green Tea Extract

This highly potent antioxidant is very effective when treating acne while also being gentle on skin. Green tea protects cells from free radical damage, which can reduce acne breakouts and keep skin clear. It also has antibacterial properties and can kill Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, before it clogs pores and causes breakouts. Green tea extract can also reduce skin redness that occurs as a result of inflammation.

• Aloe Vera

Since aloe vera stimulates the production of collagen and promotes the growth of healthy skin cells, it is a beneficial ingredient that can help to reduce the appearance of post-acne marks. It also encourages wound healing, which will aid in treating and eliminating acne breakouts on the skin.


One of the main advantages of Pronexin is the fact that it is composed entirely of all-natural ingredients. This helps to lessen the typical side effects that occur with most topical acne treatments, such as skin dryness, peeling, redness and irritation. It may also be an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin, since it does not contain any ingredients that are harsh on the skin.

It is composed of many ingredients that treat the main causes of acne and can help to reduce the production of sebum, eliminate acne-causing bacteria and exfoliate dead skin cells. This acne wash is also very cost effective and can be used to treat acne on both the face and body.


One of the main disadvantages of this cleanser is the claim that it is guaranteed to eliminate and clear up acne breakouts in as little as 72 hours. While an individual may see a difference in their breakouts within this period of time, it is highly unlikely that moderate-to-severe acne breakouts will be completely gone within this short period of time. A claim such as this may give some individuals a sense of false hope that their acne will vanish within a span of three days.

Nov 07

Chemical Peel to Remove Acne Scars

A chemical peel is one of the many treatment options that can effectively minimize the appearance of acne scars. When compared to other methods that either eliminate or reduce the severity of acne scarring, a chemical peel is one of the least invasive procedures.

The treatment process involves an application of a chemical solution, which damages the outer layers. After the chemicals penetrate the skin layers, the damaged layers of skin begin to peel and fresh, healthy skin is gradually revealed. This new skin is improved in texture and is smoother in appearance. The three types of chemical peels that are available include light, medium and deep. This article discusses how each peel is applied to the skin, the recovery process and the results that can be expected when treating acne scarring.

Light Peel

• Gently removes the epidermis
• Light exfoliation
• Combination of alpha-hydroxy acids
• Can be repeated once a month
• Subtle results

When receiving a light chemical peel, the practitioner applies a mixture of alpha-hydroxy acids, including salicylic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid. These acids provide a gentle exfoliation of the skin as they remove the epidermis, which is the outer layer of skin.

Before applying the alpha-hydroxy acids, the skin will be cleansed to remove surface oils. Following cleansing, the exfoliating acids will be brushed onto the skin and left on for up to 20 minutes. Very minor stinging is expected during this period of time. The acids are generally neutralized with water before they are washed off the skin. Some minimal redness and minor flaking will occur for a few days after the light peel.

While this chemical peel produces results that are relatively subtle, it can be repeated on a monthly basis, with more noticeable results achieved after each treatment. This treatment is recommended for individuals with minimal acne scarring and can also help to reduce the frequency of acne breakouts.

Medium Peel

• Removes the dermis and epidermis
• Deeper exfoliation
• Contains trichloroacetic acid
• Can be repeated once a year
• Significant results

During a medium chemical peel, trichloroacetic acid is applied to the skin. Some practitioners may also add glycolic acid to the mixture. The medium chemical peel deeply penetrates the skin, as it removes both the dermis and epidermis. This action leads to a greater reduction in acne scarring and a smoother skin texture in comparison to the light chemical peel.

After cleansing the skin, the trichloroacetic acid mixture is applied and left on the skin for up to 30 minutes. It is highly likely that burning and stinging will be felt during the application process. After the chemicals are neutralized with a saline compress, it is normal for the skin to turn extremely red. This redness often closely resembles a severe sunburn and can be compared to second-degree burns. The skin will remain red for some time during the healing process, and it may take up to six weeks for the skin to return to normal.

The medium chemical peel produces noticeable results and will reveal skin that is noticeably vibrant and healthy, with a significant reduction in the appearance of acne scars. While the recovery process is longer when compared to a light peel, this procedure will produce favorable results for individuals with moderate acne scarring.

Deep Peel

• Penetrates to the deepest layers of skin
• Strong exfoliation
• Contains phenol
• Results last for 10 years
• Dramatic results

A deep chemical peel penetrates to the lowest dermal layer of skin and produces the most dramatic results of the three types of chemical peels. The deep peel works by dissolving layers of skin cells, which results in skin that is considerably smoother and improved in texture.

Phenol is a chemical that is applied to the skin during a deep chemical peel. Before anyone receives a deep peel, their practitioner will recommend that they follow a pre-treatment for eight weeks that typically involves a daily application of Retin-A. This helps to prepare the skin for the phenol treatment and ensures that the chemical deeply penetrates the layers of skin.

Since the deep chemical peel can cause extreme discomfort, a local anesthetic, pain relievers and sedation are often required before the procedure begins. Depending on the areas of skin that are treated and the results desired, phenol is left on the skin for a period of 30 minutes to two hours. The skin will begin to form a crust when the phenol is removed, which is then covered with a substantial layer of petroleum jelly.

While the deep chemical peel provides dramatic results, there are significant risks associated with this type of peel. The recovery period is extensive and it may take up to two months for the skin to fully heal. Redness may be excessive and can last longer than three weeks.

Nov 06

Unblemish Review

Unblemish is a line of products created by dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields. The products are formulated to treat and prevent acne and also calm skin that is red and inflamed. This regimen includes four products and includes the Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash, Spot Fading Toner or Clarifying Toner, Dual Intensive Acne Treatment and Oil Control Lotion SPF 20.

In addition to treating the common causes of acne, the Unblemish line is also targeted towards individuals with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or PIH. PIH is the presence of brown or red marks that acne blemishes often leave on the skin after they have healed. The following reviews the Unblemish acne regimen and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the products included in the kit.

Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash

• Contains sulfur
• Reduces redness
• Exfoliates skin
• Kills acne-causing bacteria
• Has a strong smell

This cleanser is composed of three percent sulfur, which has antibacterial properties and helps to eliminate acne-causing bacteria on the skin. Sulfur is also a keratolytic agent and promotes the regular shedding of dead skin cells. This is a key step when controlling acne, since the irregular shedding of skin cells leads to clogged pores and the formation of acne.

As an anti-inflammatory, sulfur also lessens the appearance of redness and calms inflamed skin and acne blemishes. One of the main disadvantages of applying cleansers that contain sulfur to the skin is that sulfur has a very strong smell, and may be off-putting for some individuals. Sulfur can also cause dryness and can irritate individuals with sensitive skin.

Spot Fading Toner

• Alcohol-free
• Contains salicylic acid
• Contains hydroquinone
• Cleans pores

Since this toner is alcohol-free, it will be much gentler on acne-prone skin. Salicylic acid helps to exfoliate the skin and open up pores, which helps to prepare the skin for the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment.

The Spot Fading Toner contains two percent hydroquinone, which is an ingredient that helps to lighten the skin and reduce the appearance of post-acne marks on the skin. This ingredient can cause side effects, such as itching, redness and stinging. Since hydroquinone also increases sensitivity to the sun, it is advised to stay out of direct sunlight and protect skin from the sun.

Clarifying Toner

• Alcohol-free
• Contains witch hazel
• Contains glycolic acid
• Cleans pores

The clarifying toner is also alcohol-free, which is a major advantage for anyone with acne-prone skin. Witch hazel prevents inflammation and helps to minimize the appearance of pores. Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid and works by keeping pores clear and promoting the exfoliation of skin cells.

Dual Intensive Acne Treatment

• Contains benzoyl peroxide
• Kills acne-causing bacteria

With a five percent concentration of benzoyl peroxide, the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment kills acne-causing bacteria and helps to treat existing acne and prevent new breakouts from forming. It helps to clear pores and keep them free of debris that can cause acne.

A disadvantage of using benzoyl peroxide is that it can cause significant drying of the skin and increase irritation for people with sensitive skin and those applying it to their skin for the first time. Benzoyl peroxide can also bleach towels, clothing and hair, and the product should be allowed to dry completely before touching them.

Oil Control Lotion SPF 20

• Lightweight
• Provides sun protection
• Hydrating

This lotion contains both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which will provide protection from the sun and prevent against sun burn. Boerhavia diffusa root extract helps to soothe skin and reduce redness.


Since this kit was developed by dermatologists, it contains many active ingredients that are known for controlling and managing acne. Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and sulfur are all effective at eliminating the bacteria that causes acne and reducing the likelihood of clogged pores by sloughing off dead skin cells. Many of the products also contain botanical and herbal ingredients, which can soothe irritated skin and moisturize.


One of the main disadvantages of the Unblemish regimen is that the kit is rather pricey compared to other products that contain most of the same ingredients. It is also difficult to ascertain how long the products in the kit will last. If one kit will last for a few months, the price of the kit may be justified.

Individuals who have an aversion to products with a strong smell may want to avoid the cleanser included in this kit. While benzoyl peroxide has been proven in fighting acne, the five percent concentration in this regimen may be too strong for individuals who have never used the ingredient previously. The use of hydroquinone may increase signs of irritation, especially when used with other ingredients such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Nov 04

Murad Acne Complex Review

The Murad Acne Complex Kit is aimed towards individuals who have tried other acne products or kits in the past and have not had success in treating their acne. Since I have tried many over-the-counter acne products and have had very little success, I decided to give the Murad Acne Complex Kit a try and thankfully, I was not disappointed.

The kit includes a Clarifying Cleanser, Exfoliating Treatment Gel and the Skin Perfecting Lotion. From my personal experience, these three products work in perfect harmony and effectively treat acne while maintaining moisture levels and not irritating the skin. After using this product for over five years, I feel as though I have finally found a set of products that will keep my skin consistently clear and acne is no longer a concern of mine. While I have had great success with this kit, I will provide a detailed review of the products included and list all the potential positives and negatives associated with the Murad Acne Complex Kit.

Clarifying Cleanser

After using this cleanser, my skin feels clean and it is not stripped of its natural oils. The menthol is not overpowering and makes my skin look and feel invigorated.

• Contains salicylic acid

This ingredient is a beta hydroxy acid that exfoliates the skin and promotes the removal of dead skin cells. Since salicylic acid is able to thoroughly penetrate the follicle and is an anti-inflammatory, it keeps pores clear through the regular shedding of dead skin cells. When pores are kept free of debris, the occurrence of acne will significantly decrease.

• Non-abrasive

The Clarifying Cleanser does not contain any harsh abrasives and is extremely gentle on skin.

• No strong chemical odor or perfume smell

Unlike other cleansers that have a strong, overpowering odor, the Clarifying Cleanser has a light scent that is hardly noticeable.

• Kills bacteria

This cleanser contains silver citrate, which has strong antibacterial properties and helps to eliminate acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

• Contains anti-oxidants

Green tea extract and menthol work together to reduce inflammation and calm skin.

Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel

Although this gel is slightly sticky and takes several minutes to dry after it is applied, it is a product that is very effective at treating existing acne and preventing the formation of acne blemishes.

• Acne-fighting ingredients

This acne gel contains a hydrogen peroxide delivery system, which ensures that salicylic acid, retinol and glycolic acid deeply penetrate the pores and keep them clear of acne-causing bacteria and debris.

• Reduces oil production

In addition to improving the skin’s texture, retinol works by decreasing the amount of oil that is produced by the skin.

• Exfoliates skin

Glycolic acid is a mild exfoliant and treats acne by stimulating cell turnover and promoting the removal of dead skin cells.

Skin Perfecting Lotion

I have found this moisturizer to be the perfect complement to the other Murad acne products and it helps to reduce the appearance of pores while providing the perfect amount of moisture to my skin.

• Hydrates skin

Provides an adequate amount of moisture without causing skin to feel or look oily.

• Oil-free

Since the Skin Perfecting Lotion is oil-free, it will not exacerbate acne or cause the occurrence of new blemishes.

• Skin soothing

A mix of botanicals such as Queen of Meadow extract and Arnica help to soothe inflammation and improve the look and feel of skin.

•Minimizes shine

Retinol decreases oil production for skin that is matte and free of excess oils.


In my experience, the Murad Acne Complex Kit has numerous advantages when compared to other acne products. I have never found these products to be harsh on my skin and they have never caused irritation. When I first started using the items in this kit, I was able to see a noticeable difference in my skin within one week. I believe these products have the right balance of acne-fighting ingredients and natural botanicals that result in skin that is consistently clear.


While I did not experience a worsening of my acne when first using these products, it is possible that the exfoliants in these products can purge the skin and may actually worsen acne for a short period of time. This occurs as the active ingredients bring debris and impurities to the surface, which can result in an increase in breakouts. For many who experience this purging process, it is relatively short-lived and skin begins to clear after the process has completed. For others, however, their acne does not improve and gradually worsens over time.

Even though these products successfully treat acne, they are rather expensive when compared with other products obtained over-the-counter. However, since you only need to apply a small amount of the products, they become slightly more cost-effective.

It should also be noted that individuals with sensitive skin may experience an increase in dryness and irritation when first using these products. This can be alleviated by using the exfoliating gel once a day rather than twice a day.

Oct 22

Neutrogena Review

Neutrogena is a skin care company that offers numerous products that are aimed at both the treatment and prevention of acne. The products are also very cost-effective and many of the Neutrogena acne products have been recommended by dermatologists. I have used many Neutrogena acne products and have seen results with some, but not with others. Since I have experience using different acne products within the Neutrogena line, I will provide a detailed review of each product and make a recommendation based on my personal experience.

Oil-Free Acne Wash

I actually experienced fairly clear skin while using the Oil-Free Acne Wash. It has a really light scent, which is perfect for me since I do not like cleansers with a heavy perfume or medicated smell. It contains two percent salicylic acid, which worked really well for my skin and my skin felt completely clean after I used the cleanser.

What attracted me to this cleanser was the fact that it is oil-free, and it did not leave a residue on my skin or make my skin feel oily. The only negative aspect of this cleanser is that it did dry my skin somewhat and often left my skin feeling tight after cleansing. However, this was only temporary as I always applied a moisturizer afterwards. Overall, I would recommend the Oil-Free Acne Wash for anyone with mild-to-moderate acne.

Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask

What I liked most about the Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask was that it could be used as a daily cleanser and a mask. I applied it as a mask once a week and I felt as though it did reduce the frequency of my breakouts and heal existing breakouts that were present. When used as a cleanser, I felt it was over drying and made my face flake and peel. This is due to the 3.5 percent benzoyl peroxide concentration, which was far too much for my skin.

I experienced the best results with this product when I used it as a spot treatment. When I applied it directly to a blemish, I felt it helped to heal the blemish fairly quickly, although there was some skin redness. While this cleanser does help to clear skin and prevent against future breakouts, I felt it was too harsh for anyone with sensitive skin.

Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel

From my experience, I would not recommend the Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel. Although this is intended to work as a spot treatment, I felt it did very little in clearing my breakouts. The only results I did achieve from using this product was dry skin that looked and felt irritated. I normally find that salicylic acid works tremendously for my skin, but this particular product did not produce any results. I also cannot validate the claim that it reduces breakouts within eight hours, as my breakouts did not reduce in size within that period of time.

Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent

Since my skin has a tendency to become oily, I tried the Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent and experienced positive results. Although it does sting slightly when it is first applied to the skin, it definitely controlled oil production and left my skin feeling fresh and cool. In addition to keeping oil and shine under control, I feel like this astringent also helps to keep pores clear and I also noticed a reduction in the frequency of my breakouts.

Even though my skin is sensitive, this product did not cause my skin to flake or peel, although I did use a daily moisturizer while using the astringent. Overall, I would definitely recommend this astringent for anyone who has oily skin and mild breakouts.

Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Night Cleansing Pads

In comparison to other Neutrogena acne products, I experienced the best results when using these cleansing pads. My skin felt very clean and refreshed after using these pads and it also effectively removed makeup. Although it does have a mild scent, I didn’t mind how it smelled once I saw how effective they were at treating my existing breakouts and preventing future blemishes.

SkinClearing Liquid Makeup

I tried this foundation because I was intrigued by a product that could treat breakouts while also covering them up. I did not find this to treat or prevent acne, as I did not see a difference in my skin while using this foundation. It may have actually made my acne worse, since I found it to be a very heavy makeup.

I also found it difficult to match my skin tone, as most of the foundations were either too light or too dark for my skin. Perhaps the only advantage of this product is that it did not make my skin oily and left a matte and shine-free finish all day. There are also many preservatives and chemicals in this foundation, which can cause irritation. I would not recommend this product as an acne treatment or as a foundation, due to my negative experience with the product.