Acne Medications

If you’re struggling with acne, it can feel like nothing you try to do to clear it up will work, and that you’ll be living with acne forever. However, many people suffer from acne, and there is an entire field in the medical industry researching ways to cure and alleviate it. The downside is that because there are so many causes and types of acne, there are a lot of treatments to choose from, and sometimes what works for your friend or family member will not work for you. Acne can be caused by hormones, diet, and vitamin deficiencies, just to name a few, so there is no one specific treatment that will work for everyone. Additionally, a propensity to acne has even been found to be hereditary in some cases.

Because there are so many available acne medications to choose from, chances are, there’s one out there that will work for you; it is simply a matter of finding it. Determining what acne medication or treatment is right for you can be a long process, trying things and then eliminating what does not work. However, having clear skin is a reward worth working for.

In the last few decades, the strides that medicine has made in treating acne have been enormous; just fifty years ago the only acne treatments available were harsh scrubs and creams that dried out the skin, and could be just as bad as having acne. Today, dermatologists are everywhere, and many of their visits and treatments are covered by health insurance policies. In addition to over the counter medications, there are many prescription strength options for difficult to treat acne. Problem skin is not something people just have to live with anymore.

Another option that current acne treatments have over what was available even ten years ago, is that there are also options now to remove and treat acne scarring. Once you have finally gotten your acne under control, it is frustrating to not have completely clear, unblemished skin. However, there are now lines of treatments and medications specifically for treating and clearing up acne scarring. Many acne treatments, over the counter and prescription, work to eliminate active acne, while also working on fading scarring and discoloration left over from previous breakouts.

As mentioned, there are many acne medications available, and they are not just lotions and spot treatments. As technology and medicine have improved, acne medications can be used and are available in a variety of ways. Here are are most common types:

• Gels
• Laser Therapy
• Lotions
• Pills
• Spot Treatments

Here are some specific types of medications:

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As you can see, there are a variety of acne treatments available now. Prescription treatments for more difficult types of acne are now available, and have far better results that merely over the counter medications. And with treatments looking at clearing up not just acne, but clearing up acne scars, you can finally look forward to the skin you’ve always wanted.

So, while having acne and getting rid of it can feel like a never ending battle, there are options available to give you clear skin. Even if you have extremely difficult acne, that seems to not respond to over the counter treatments, by going to a dermatologist, they can find the type of acne you have, and its specific cause, and prescribe a treatment that can work for you.